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Liebherr Canada - D9812 Diesel Engines

The product portfolio of Liebherr diesel engines covers a large range of in-line and v-engines between 4 and 20 cylinders. The power range is from 150kW to 4,500 kW. From the V12 to the V20 version, the D98 diesel engine range offers the best specific power ever. We can reach up to 43.5 kW per liter displacement (0.44 hp/cu in), which establishes a new market standard in terms of power. Furthermore, the engine series also sets a new standard in terms of efficiency.


Key Specifications
Configuration V-engine
Number of cylinders 12
Displacement 62.0 l
Power rating 1,250 - 2,700 kW
Max. torque 15,000 Nm
Emission standards EPA Tier 4f / EPA Tier 2 / EPA Tier 0

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