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Liebherr to debut 100-tonne truck at MINExpo

R 9200 mining excavator.
R 9200 mining excavator.

At MINExpo 2016 from September 26-28, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Liebherr will showcase the latest technology from its mining product range. Covering a total area of more than 28,000 square feet (2,600 square metres), Liebherr’s stand #7627 will present new products, components and customer service solutions to reinforce the motto, “Experience the Progress”, supported by the six pillars of Liebherr-Mining: Productivity, Efficiency, Reliability, Customer Service, Safety and Environment.

In September 2016, four out of eleven divisions of the Liebherr Group will present their products at MINExpo, the world’s largest mining trade show. The Liebherr-Mining division will display the giant T 284 mining truck with its gross vehicle weight of 661 tons (600 tonnes) and will introduce the Liebherr 100-tonne truck. Moreover, the R 9200 mining excavator will also be introduced to the American market for the first time as well as the PR 776 crawler tractor from the Earthmoving division. The Liebherr Components division will be represented for the first time at MINExpo and will showcase its latest developments in the areas of mechanical, hydraulic, and electric drive and control technology. To complement the product line, the Mobile Crane division will also be part of the show with the LTR 1100 telescopic crawler crane, which is known for its outstanding maneuverability.

World premiere of new 100-tonne truck

At MINExpo 2016, Liebherr will seize the opportunity to introduce their new 100-tonne truck. This new truck will demonstrate the continuous effort for Liebherr’s innovation in design, paired with the evolution of Liebherr’s own high quality components and technology. The combination of this will result in more productivity, better efficiency, higher reliability and increased safety for reduced cost per tonne.

T 284 mining truck

According to Liebherr, the T 284 offers the highest payload in the industry and features the latest generation of the Litronic Plus AC drive system. With intelligently designed systems and components, the T 284 serves as the platform for future advances in mining truck technology. A special feature is its Tier 4–ready MTU engine. With application-specific recommendations from Liebherr, customers are able to select the engine that will allow the truck to meet productivity targets while minimizing fuel consumption.

R 9200 mining excavator

The R 9200 mining excavator, fitted with the Liebherr advanced bucket and GET solution, is equipped with a 16.3-cubic-yard (12.5-cubic-metre) bucket capacity, which offers the biggest payload in its class. This new 200 tonnes machine is designed to match mining trucks with payloads of up to 140 tonnes and provide maximum uptime since it features superior reliability and easy serviceability. In addition, the cutting-edge cab provides the operator optimal comfort and safety due to its large panoramic windshield, armoured glass and low noise level.

PR 776 crawler tractor

Liebherr will also showcase the PR 776 Litronic crawler tractor, which is designed for tough mining and quarry operations. Liebherr will use the MINExpo platform to launch for the first time its latest crawler tractor in the 70 tonnes category – the largest hydrostatically powered crawler tractor in the world.


By attending this trade fair, the Components division aims to enhance the activities it has begun in the mining industry. Some of the components and systems on the show include: a new series V-diesel engine D9812 with a power rating up to 2,012 hp (1,500 kW), the new electric travel drive FAT 325, and a fully integrated energy storage system for mobile and stationary applications based on double layer capacitors. A system exhibit comprising a roller bearing slewing ring and swivelling drive is also presented by way of a sample application in the mining area.

LTR 1100 telescopic crawler crane

The LTR 1100 combines the advantages of a telescopic crane with those of a crawler crane. This makes the product very suitable for operations on mine sites, because the crawler travel gear delivers excellent off-road handling and maneuverability. Additionally, the crane can move loads with great precision. The advantages of a telescopic crane include; shorter setup times, simpler transport and the variability of its boom system. The LTR 1100 features a telescopic boom of 171 feet (52 m) and reaches lifting heights of up to 272 feet (83 m) and a radius of up to 195 feet (60 m) with lattice boom jibs.

100 tonnes truck.
T 284 mining truck.
PR 776 crawler tractor.
V-diesel engine D9812.
LTR 1100 telescopic crawler crane.

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