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Aggregates & Quarries

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Trucking & Transportation


POWR2 makes solar power mobile with new solar trailer

Because of the bulky nature and relative fragility of solar panels, it's typically difficult to effectively deploy solar systems quickly. Ground mount ballasted systems are cost effective, but take up a lot of space and require time consuming installation and wiring. For this reason, POWR2 has developed a 12-panel solar trailer for use in conjuncture with our POWRBANK Renewable Power System.

Wirtgen milling machines claim victory on Alabama racetrack

Two W 210 Fi milling machines from Wirtgen have claimed a victory at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama. With 766 PS, the two large milling machines from Wirtgen can hold their own in the face of the engine power of the race cars and motorcycles that otherwise battle to come in a few hundredths of a second ahead of each other on the 3.7-km circuit.

Turn dirt into hard roads with enzyme-based additives

Around the world, there are thousands of kilometres of rural roads that support farms, ranches, mines, forestry and other operations; these roads are vital to many people and businesses, but often are left unpaved for cost reasons.

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Concrete Construction

Construction technologies

GPS tracking of construction vehicle fleets is increasing profitability

Construction companies and contractors rely heavily on how efficiently they are able to allocate their vehicles, equipment, and labour for each job. Jobsites can be separated sometimes by hundreds or thousands of miles, so effective construction management requires virtually continuous fleet tracking to ensure that nothing sits idle for long in order to improve profitability.

Machine control helps protect Singapore against rising sea levels

Since the start of the 20th century, the average global sea level has been rising at an increasing rate. As the world warms and ice caps melt, regions far from a melting ice sheet, such as Singapore, will see a rise in sea level greater than the global average. The sea level around the island today is 14 centimetres above pre-1970 levels, said the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) in its annual climate assessment report.

PERI sells its first 3D construction printer

PERI has been heavily involved in 3D construction printing technology for several years now. Back in 2018, the family-owned company invested in Danish company COBOD, a 3D construction printer business. Together with the specialists from COBOD, PERI has been working hard to refine the technology and open up new markets.

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