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Chromasens' 3D road surface inspection camera automatically detects potholes and cracks

Manual road surface inspection is a costly, tedious process for municipalities and is subject to interpretation error. Trained personnel must survey the condition of the road surface, visually detect cracks, potholes, or other distress, measure the severity, and finally, assess and record the location of each defect for maintenance departments to repair. To help combat this, Chromasens has introduced its new 3DPIXA RI stereo line-scan camera. 

Skid-steer loaders deliver performance for asphalt paving

On busy job sites with a lot of equipment and time-constrained tasks, the efficiency and versatility of the skid-steer loader with its ability to perform multiple tasks is indispensable – and asphalt paving is no exception. Able to run a range of attachments, including hydraulically demanding work tools such as cold planers, the skid-steer loader can take care of site preparation, cleanup and tricky areas in asphalt milling and paving support.

Benefits of utilizing skid-steer loaders for asphalt paving support

Robotic-based solutions from Topcon enhance curb and gutter paving performance

Topcon has launched system solutions designed to support curb and gutter paving professionals by maintaining productivity and accuracy, even when facing difficult GPS coverage issues. 

Using either the GT-1200 series robotic total station or the LN-150 robotic layout navigator, customers can augment their existing Millimeter GPS concrete paving solution and remedy issues such as foliage canopies, large buildings, tunnels, overpasses, and more.

Both instruments offer support for a prism solution to quickly switch between Millimeter GPS and LPS (local positioning systems); both use Topcon LongLink communication for robust connectivity. 

The self-leveling LN-150 is ideal as an easy-to-use, cost-effective robotic solution while the GT-1200 series instruments can serve that purpose and perform a full range of functions as a standalone surveying total station.

The new solution is particularly timely as many parts of the world continue to emerge from pandemic-related slowdowns. With workloads on an upswing, concrete professionals are facing increased pressure for productivity and accuracy, both of which can be ensured with the addition of robotics.

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Concrete Construction

Construction technologies

How to reduce waste in the haul cycle

Optimizing efficiency is an ongoing challenge for any aggregates operator. Identifying, eliminating and controlling waste in the haul cycle is key to staying on schedule and improving the bottom line, but inefficiencies can be difficult to identify and overcome. However, the difference between efficient and inefficient operations can be significant. 

Four strategies to streamline construction operations and finance teams

The struggle to efficiently align cross-departmental communication between operations and finance teams is all too common in the construction business. It can be a challenge for them to see eye to eye on the simplest of projects: finance is perceived to be a wet blanket, caring only about numbers, percentages and the margins, while operations is viewed as a loose cannon, making quick decisions and changing directions as the wind blows.   

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