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John Deere Construction & Forestry - 6068HFC09 Diesel Engines

For ultimate performance in off-highway applications, PowerTech PSS 6.8L engines can take on almost any job. They can handle steep grades at high altitudes and deliver faster acceleration without stalling. Along with proven PowerTech Plus technology and an SCR system designed specifically for off-highway applications, all PowerTech PSS engines feature series turbochargers that improve performance and responsiveness.


Key Specifications
Rated Speed 168-224 kW (225-300 hp) @ 2200-2400 rpm
Peak Power 185-224 kW (248-300 hp) @ 2000-2400 rpm
Peak Torque 1000-1057 Nm (738-780 lb-ft) @ 1600-1700 rpm
Bore x Stroke 4.2" x 5.0" (106 x 127)