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2020 Annual Attachments Guide: Couplers, Material Handling and Miscellaneous

2020 Annual Attachments Guide: Couplers, Material Handling and Miscellaneous

Whether you need to move earth, clear brush, demolish a concrete structure, or precisely level a jobsite, you need the right tools to get the job done and maximize your machine's capability. Heavy Equipment Guide's Annual Attachments Guide has you covered with the latest work tools for earthmoving, demolition, site prep and more.

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Geith Quick Coupler


The G4 quick coupler includes a variable pin centre design which allows operators to easily pick up and swap the widest range of OEM attachments.

• Can reverse buckets.
• Multi-Pin pickup system.
• Front and rear safety locks backed up by two powerful springs retain the Rototilt attachment rear pin in case of cylinder failure.
• Powerful spring-activated safety locks work in all dirty environments.
• Curl-to-release control system.
• No greasing requirement, less maintenance and fewer replacement parts

Rototilt QuickChange


The QuickChange is a fully automatic quick coupler system designed for tiltrotators, machine couplers and tools.

• Allows users to change hydraulic tools from the cab.
• Mount on both the tiltrotator's attachment frame and the quick coupler beneath to automatically connect or disconnect the tiltrotator or tools.
• Quickly disconnect the tiltrotator.
• Enables automatic hydraulic tool changes which saves money and increases safety.
• SecureLock locks the tool, even in the event of lost hydraulic pressure.

Doosan hydraulic quick coupler


Hydraulic quick couplers, designed for use with excavators, improve versatility. Excavator operators can easily choose from a wide range of excavator attachments without leaving the cab.

• Built with extra-high-strength and abrasion-resistant steels for maximum durability.
• Pressure signal allows release of an attachment only in a safe position.
• Electrical circuit design features a two stage release for increased safety.
• Can be used to pick up attachments in a reverse configuration.

Caterpillar tiltrotator


The new TRS6 and TRS8 models allow attached work tools (including buckets, forks, grapples, brooms and compactors) to rotate 360 degrees and tilt 40 degrees side-to-side.

• TRS models have two interfaces: the top interface connects to the carrier and the bottom connects to the work tools.
• All TRS6 models use an S-Type hydraulic coupler for the bottom interface.
• Four configurations for the model TRS8 allow selecting an S-Type coupler for both the top and bottom interfaces, or a pin on top interface and pin grabber coupler bottom interface, and whether the TRS has a grapple.
• Allow mini excavators to maintain high digging forces.
• No-maintenance lubrication system for the rotation system effectively distributes heat.

Material Handling

The Mega Mixer


The Mega Mixer material handling bucket is designed to mix, scoop and dispense construction materials including concrete.

• Mounts on either side of the carrier to dispense left or right.
• Easy-to-operate discharge end with a handle control gate.
• Dispenses ¾ yard of material in 26 seconds (up to 1-inch diameter rock).

The RC Series Vacuum Lifting System


The RC Series Vacuum Lifting Systems handle materials from 22,000 to 55,000 pounds (10 to 25

• Self-contained units are powered by diesel engines and can be hooked up and ready to go in a matter of minutes.
• "H" models operate using the hydraulic system of the host machine.
• 360-degree rotation.
• Will not damage delicate materials and bonded coatings.
• Wireless remote transmitter with remote start.
• Double set of lugs to accommodate any single or double vacuum pad arrangement.
• Built-in cutting edges make scooping from piles easier.
• Additional accessories include 24-inch and 36-inch chutes, a toolless hopper extension and a funnel with 6-inch hose adapter.

The MG SuperGrip


The MG SuperGrip fixed mount grapples are for excavators with 5.5- to 25-tonne capacity.

• Bypass arm design for a variety of grapple work.
• Ideal for land clearing, feeding chippers or grinders, storm cleanup, tree service and landscaping materials.
• Equipped with the XR Rotator, a compact, low-profile design with very high torque and load capacity.
• Excavator mounts available for direct boom mount or to match the machine coupler.

LSG Series Scrap Grapple


LSG Series Scrap Grapples and LCG Series Contractor Handling Grapples are designed for scrap handling, construction and demolition sorting, and bulk material handling.

• Available in four models.
• Reverse-mounted cylinders protect rods from damage.
• Multiple tine and spade styles; all tine styles feature fully boxed construction.
• Heavy-duty guarding system.
• Identical hardened steel bearings with dust seals at all pivot points.
• Large-bore hydraulic cylinders.
• High-torque continuous 360-degree rotation.
• Abrasion-resistant steel tips are easily replaced.


Cat BH130 SMART backhoe attachment


The new Cat BH130 SMART Backhoe Attachment is designed for Cat D3 Series skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders and multi-terrain loaders.

• Compatible with Cat 3-ton excavator attachments.
• Auxiliary-hydraulic system allows pairing with hydro-mechanical work tools.
• Hydraulically shifts side-to-side.
• Integrated electro-hydraulic controls.
• Maximum digging depth is 9.75 feet (2,970 mm) and reach at ground level from the swing pivot pin is 13.25 feet (4,040 mm).

Antraquip drum cutter


Antraquip transverse and axial rock drum cutters are for a range of applications in the construction, mining,tunnelling and energy industries.

• Suitable for material with uniaxial compressive strength ranging from 500 to 25,000 psi.
• Powerful high-torque hydraulic motors.
• Robust cutting drums to ensure maximum production and prolonged life.
• Customizable drums.
• Durable spur gears and housing.

The PL 60 planer


The new PL 60 planer can mill an entire lane up to 3 metres (120 inches) in width in just two passes, translating into time savings.

• Self-levelling system.
• Includes the Performer device that allows the operator to optimize performance.

This article was originally published in Heavy Equipment Guide, Volume 35, Number 4.

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