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Ditch Witch partners with Vacuworx

Vacuum lifting technology offers an effective approach to moving materials on tough concrete demolition and construction, road and landscaping projects. Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, has partnered with Tulsa-based Vacuworx to bring the benefits of vacuum lifting technology to an expanded network of underground construction contractors, landscapers, municipalities and utilities.

What to see at The Rental Show 2018 Part 1

The Rental Show is the American Rental Association's annual convention and trade show for the equipment rental industry. It features construction/industrial equipment, general tool/light construction equipment and party/special event equipment. The Rental Show 2018 will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, from February 19 to 21. Check back with Heavy Equipment Guide throughout the week leading up to the show for continuing coverage. The following is a selection of what exhibitors will be highlighting at The Rental Show. 

Vacuworx renames skid steer lifting attachment

Introducing the SL 2 Subcompact Vacuum Lifting System from Vacuworx. This new name for the popular SS 2, which debuted in February 2016, is a small change, but the company feels it is best for positioning the product as it continues to gain interest around the world and is being utilized with more diverse host machines.

Versatile compact modular vacuum lifting system

To stay competitive, you have to be versatile. And the tools you invest in should be able to adapt to the demands of the job as fast as you can. The new CM 3 Compact Modular Vacuum Lifting System from Vacuworx is changing the game for contractors who run compact equipment such as skid steers, track loaders, articulating wheel loaders and mini excavators on the job every day—now allowing them to handle materials such as concrete slabs, steel plates and pipe up to 6,600 lb (3 tonne) with ease!

Vacuworx offers a faster, safer way to handle concrete road barriers

Highway construction projects can be particularly challenging, especially when space is limited, roadways are crowded and time is short. Time and budget constraints make it necessary to get the work done faster. Traffic-heavy construction locations make safety a priority. To meet these jobsite demands, Vacuworx introduces the new HL Series Hydraulic Barrier Lifters – a smarter way to handle concrete barriers.

Vacuworx sets new standard for vacuum lifting with “H” models

Developed to meet customer requests for a cleaner, quieter lifter, the new hydraulic “H” models from Vacuworx feature the same powerful performance of Vacuworx diesel-powered systems with much lower operating costs. Available for the Vacuworx MC 5 and all RC series vacuum lifting systems, the hydraulic option takes lifting to the next level.

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Vacuum Lifting Makes Road and Bridge Work More Efficient

The Octapad from Vacuworx is a flat pad vacuum lifter for concrete slab removal during road and bridge construction. A vacuum lifter greatly reduces the need for traditional slab-removal methods such as air or hydraulic hammers, drills, cables and slab buckets.

HDD Pipe Handling System

Vacuworx has launched a lightweight pipe handling system to lift and position drill stem in horizontal directional drilling operations.

Vacuworx system can reduce equipment and labour costs handling pipe and materials

Handling pipe and material on job sites is a labor intensive, time-consuming and potentially-dangerous task, but one that is necessary on water, sewer, utility, and energy pipeline projects. Pipe supplies must be unloaded from trucks, and each section moved into position for placement in the ground. The conventional method for accomplishing that is to strap or chain pipe to an excavator boom or crane to move joints of pipe.