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Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Inc. - R140W-9A Excavators

Hyundai Heavy Industries strives to build state-of-the art earthmoving equipment to give every operator maximum performance, optimal controllability, versatile machine settings and proven technology.

Features & Benefits

Engine Technology

Proven, reliable, fuel effi cient, low emission and low noise Cummins Tier 4 Interim & EU Stage IIIB engine.

Hydraulic System Improvements

New patented hydraulic system for maximum controllability / Automatic boom vs. swing priority for maximum productivity / Automatic power boost for extra power / Improved arm & boom regeneration for higher speed and better efficiency.

Pump Compartment

Powerful and reliable axial piston pumps. Compact solenoid block to control: 2 speed travel, power boost, boom priority, arm regeneration and safety lock.

Enhanced Operators’ Cab

Spacious cabin with large glass area. Roll-up type sun visor for operators’ convenience.

Rigid Cabin Construction

New steel tube construction for operator safety, higher level of protection and increased durability. All windows consist of safety glass.

Improved Seat & Console

Ergonomic joysticks with auxiliary buttons for attachment control. Standard mechanic suspension with heater or optional air suspension.

Power Mode

Power-mode maximizes machine speed and power for maximum productivity. Standard mode provides a reduced, fixed rpm for optimum performance and improved fuel economy.

Work Mode

Through the different work modes, the operator can select general digging, single-acting attachments like a hydraulic breaker or double-acting attachments like a crusher. Flow settings can be preset through the cluster.

User Mode

Using the User-mode, the operator can customize engine speed, pump output, idle speed and other machine settings according to personal preferences.

Auto Boom vs. Swing Priority

This smart function adapts the ideal hydraulic fl ow balance for the boom and swing operation for your application. The advanced CAPO system monitors the hydraulic operations and adjusts the balance to maximize performance and productivity.

Independent Outriggers

The wheel excavators can be equipped with four independent outriggers or two independent outriggers and a dozer blade. Each outrigger or dozer blade is controlled by a switch and the dozer lever.

Structural Strength

The 9A series cabin structure is designed with slimmer but stronger tubing for more safety and better visibility. Lowstress and high-strength steel is welded to form a strong and stable lower frame.

CUMMINS QSB 6.7 Engine

The combination of a high pressure common rail system and an advanced in-cylinder combustion technology results in increased power, improved transient response and reduced fuel consumption.

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Norcross, GA
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