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With a heavy-duty capacity of 6 tonnes and lift height of 9 meters, the MLT 960 is a machine that meets the needs of the industry and agriculture sectors for heavy lifting and bulk handling. Above all, this telehandler is your number one ally in your quest for performance.

Features & Benefits


Your MLT 960 is equipped with a 141 horsepower John Deere 4x4.5l cylinder engine. This engine has an EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recycling) with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to minimize the impact on the environment.


Simple to use: you control your speed from 0 to 40 kph, using only the accelerator pedal and you maintain permanent torque to the wheels. Improved pushing capability (10,000 daN) for all your loading work.


Reinforced and watertight, the front and rear axles integrate oil immersed braking systems. As well as being protected, your machine's brakes stay reliable over time. The steering cylinder is also protected and placed in the top position.

Optimal cooling engine, reduced consumption

With electronic control, the cooling system automatically controls the rotation speed of the fan, based on the engine temperature. This therefore reduces fuel consumption significantly.

Speed control

Adjust your maximum travel speed to adapt to your needs (comfort, safety...)

Standard modes and handling

Choose the mode that best suits you and your task. The handling mode is very progressive and suitable for loading. The standard mode is a lot more dynamic and is recommended for all other tasks.

Hydraulic line

Controlling hydraulic lines A and B. With a flow rate of 180l/min (270 bars), the LSU (Load Sensing Ultra) hydraulic pump guarantees the combined, fast and precise movement of your boom and attachment.

Intuitive Controls

The JSM® single lever allows you to operate in complete safety and carry out every movement with one hand: raise and lower the boom, tilt and crowd the bucket, hydraulically operate the accessories, and also forward and reverse.


Key Specifications
Lifting Height 29'6" (8.98 m)
Lifting Capacity 13200 lb (6000 kg )
Power 104 kW
Weight (unladen) 25740 lb (11700 kg )

Company Info

1 Gehl Way
West Bend, WI
US, 53095


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