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Manitou - MRT 2540 PRIVILEGE + Telehandlers

The MRT Privilege has impressive lifting height and reach capabilities through 360°. Its telescopic boom is ideally suited for precise control and efficient unloading and distribution. A maximum number of operations can be completed in minimum time from a fixed point. You control your productivity.

Features & Benefits

Intuitive handling

The MRT Privilege is simple to drive and control. You manipulate your load with precision thanks to the two electro-hydraulic joysticks fitted to the armrests. The joysticks are always within reach regardless of seat position.

Storage of maximum movement speeds

According to the working situation and the type of work, you are able to store the maximum movement speeds of all activating parts of the jib. You store up to four sets of parameters: this allows you to maintain the safety of your movements.

Machine operation made easier

Each joystick is equipped with a positive action position. All risk of involuntary movement is eliminated. The forward and reverse control is integrated with the right-hand joystick: you hands do not leave the wheel.

Quick to position

Deploy the stabilizers simultaneously or individually at the simple flick of a switch in the cab. To reposition the machine on the site, simply raise the scissor system and move. Increased efficiency.

Modular stabilization surface

The stabilizers have a telescopic scissor design enabling the legs to be just partly deployed when obstacles are present or there is a lack of space. The machine’s capacities are automatically adjusted in this configuration.

Levelling system

Tackle rough or sloping terrain with ease. Simply push a lever to keep your load horizontal. The state of the terrain is no longer a concern.

Compact arrangement

Lift your stabilizers in total confidence. When the pads are retracted, they are automatically integrated into the machine’s body. No loss of ground clearance. The cylinders are fully protected.

Total safety on wheels

The MRT Privilege is equipped with an automatic oscillating rear axle lock-out device. When the machine is standing on its wheels, if the turret is slewed by more than 7.5°, rear axle oscillation is locked out.

Transmission and traction

Safe operation on all terrain. The 4-wheel drive and oscillating rear axle provide optimum ground adhesion.

Ecological mode

This standard item allows you to reduce significantly the consumption of fuel during movements: the engine system adapts itself automatically to the needs of the transmission system.

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