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Link-Belt Excavators - 2D Machine Control (MC) Machine Control

The Link-Belt 2D Machine Control (MC) system - available on Link-Belt 210 X4's - enables operators to dramatically improve their productivity and accuracy while reducing their mental fatigue by automating the movement of the boom and bucket to keep the bucket cutting edge on the desired target grade. 2D MC is ideal for applications like trenching for underground utilities or pipelines or anything that requires the last pass to perfectly match the desired target grade whether it's a flat or sloping surface. The 2D MC system adds a 10" Android touchscreen display with an intuitive user interface and a machine control joystick in the cab to engage the semi-automatic boom and bucket control.

    Features & Benefits

    Semi-automatic function intended for the last pass at the desired target grade, not for bulking out or mass excavation.

    The operator controls the speed of the stick while the boom and bucket automatically adjust to maintain the target grade.

    The operator is in full control and can override the semi-automatic function at all times.

    Operators can now create smooth, flat or sloped surfaces more easily when the excavator is placed in Autos mode.

    Operators are up to 30% more productive with 2D MC excavator automatics compared to a 2D MG system.