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A good compacting job is not as easy to achieve as many people think. There are several variables that can make or break it. One of the most important is making sure the correct number of passes occur everywhere across the site. Instead of the operator guessing what has been compacted, the C-63 system provides real-time graphic visibility.

Features & Benefits

A ‘Helping Eye’

One of the most important parts of proper compacting is the correct amount of passes on every spot of the job. Instead of memorizing what has been rolled, the C-63 system provides you with a ‘helping eye’.

Multiple Rollers

For proper pass counting, each pass of each roller needs to be accounted for. The connection with Sitelink3D™ Enterprise will take care of that. All displays on the job will be updated with each other’s pass counts.


The large GX-60 display allows you to not only display the number of passes, but also see the values such as stiffness, density, temperature, frequency and amplitude, depending on the connection that is available to the roller.

Sitelink3D™ Enterprise

The web interface provides visibility of all real-time mapping synchronization, and also the place where you can monitor all values and create reports for later analyses.

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