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Empowering an autonomous future

Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous technologies committed to a simple, yet powerful purpose: Putting data to work to empower an autonomous future.

The idea of putting data to work is part of Hexagon's DNA. Our legacy has always been linked to data, which our core capabilities demonstrate. 

Core capabilities

Hexagon emerged as a global a leader in sensor solutions nearly 20 years ago. Our reality capture technologies enable the digital capture of the physical world — from distance measurements (point A to point B) to attributes of physical world objects (e.g. auto parts) to the creation of entire physical world environments in 3D (e.g. complete infrastructure of a city).

Our positioning technologies enable the location, tracking, navigation, and/or control of anything, anywhere. They power intelligent positioning ecosystems in vital industries and safety-of-life applications. 

We began investing in software solutions not only to make more use of the data being captured but also to test ideas, products, and plans before they are created or executed. 

We added design and simulation capabilities to replicate real-world scenarios in virtual environments — from manufacturing and assembly processes to autonomous driving. 

We invested in location intelligence mapping capabilities to enable active, geo-referenced, situational intelligence for any application, providing businesses and governments with unlimited potential to incorporate high-definition, real-time, dynamic maps into their decision support systems. 

Today we're also focused on enabling autonomous everything. 

Our autonomous technologies provide the ability to "autonomize" any task or process in a workflow to an entire operation or industry (e.g. mobility/transportation) — in which cars, UAVs, industrial vehicles, trains, vessels, and more can operate safely, securely, reliably, and efficiently thanks to assured autonomy and positioning.

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