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KLONDIKE nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 Grease

KLONDIKE Lubricants

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KLONDIKE Lubricants - KLONDIKE nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 Grease Lubricants

KLONDIKE nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 Grease represents the pinnacle of modern lubricant design. Innovative nanotechnology enhances the performance of this lubricant into an area previously unseen in the field of industrial grease products.

KLONDIKE nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 Grease brings a unique, technically advanced grease offering to the industrial and heavy equipment market. Proprietary nanotechnology is presented into a commercial lubricant in the form of multi-layered, spherical, closed caged particles of tungsten disulfide. The unique spherical tungsten disulfide nanoparticles show outstanding resistance to extreme temperatures (-270°C to 450°C), heavy shock loading (5,076,000 PSI) and extreme pressure (4,263,000 PSI). This versatile formulation operates under even the most extreme operating conditions, including high and ultra-low temperatures, high pressure and high vacuum, high load, high rotating speed, high radiation and in corrosive environments.


Key Specifications
4-Ball Wear 0.33 mm
4-Ball Weld Load 800 kg (>8000N)
Coefficient of Friction 0.0478
Timken EP 80 lbs
Cone Penetration 300
Dropping Point 500˚F / 260˚C minimum
Appearance Blue - Smooth, tacky

Company Info

3078-275 St
Aldergrove, BC
CA, V4W 3L4


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