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Petro-Canada Lubricants - DURON-E 10W-30 Lubricants

Along with advanced soot control, this oil can help you increase fuel economy by up to 1% – while continuing to protect your engine.

Features & Benefits

Advanced soot control

Minimizes soot related engine wear, and minimizes soot related viscosity increase, resulting in better maintenance of fuel economy and cold temperature performance and protection.

Maintains shear stability

High oil film strength for high temperature protection.

Reduced oxidative thickening

Extends drain intervals and Maintains low temperature performance.

Reduced valve train wear

Helps extend engine life.

Reduced piston deposits

Excellent engine protection and helps maintain engine power and fuel efficiency.

Corrosion protection

Helps reduce engine corrosion, particularly in idling equipment.

Reduced oil consumption

Reduces the need for top-up oil.

Emission system friendly

Low ash formula helps prevent premature DPF plugging and shortened maintenance intervals.

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