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Royal Purple

Address One Royal Purple Lane, Porter, TX, 77365, US
Telephone 281-354-8600
Toll Free 888-382-6300
Fax 281-354-7600
Website royalpurple.com
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Commercial and Fleet Vehicle lubricant line

Premium synthetic lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple introduced its new Commercial and Fleet Vehicle product line, offering superior performance for a variety of commercial applications. This new line of heavy-duty products is Royal Purple’s toughest line yet and was developed with various Royal Purple technologies including Synerlec and Synslide for increased durability. 

Royal Purple Introduces Commercial Lubricant Product Line

Premium synthetic lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple® introduced its new commercial lubricant product line, Duralec™. The new line of high performance lubricants has been specifically developed for the over-the-road trucking, construction, mining, agriculture and heavy-duty fleet markets with state-of-the-art technology to optimize equipment performance.