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Shell Canada Limited

Address 400 - 4th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB, T2P 0J4, CA
Toll Free 1-877-656-3111
Website shell.ca
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$40 billion LNG Canada project to move forward

British Columbia's long-awaited liquefied natural gas industry could be shipping product by the middle of the next decade after proponents of a $40 billion LNG plant confirmed they would proceed with construction.

Shell, AirFlow Truck Company show results from cross-country test run

After traveling more than 2,300 miles across the southern United States and with a tropical storm looming in the Gulf of Mexico, Shell Lubricants and AirFlow Truck Company completed the cross-country test drive of the Starship Initiative truck on May 24, 2018. This journey marks the first time that a prototype Class 8 vehicle of this type with these combined technologies has driven coast-to-coast across America in real-world trucking operations and in real-world conditions including unplanned stops and torrential rains along the way. 

Shell, AirFlow Truck design Class 8 energy-efficient truck

Shell and AirFlow Truck Company have designed and built a hyper-fuel-efficient Class 8 truck capable of reducing the energy usage associated with the transportation of goods. This next-generation concept truck, called the Starship Project, uses technologies that are currently available today to minimize the amount of energy it takes to transport a load of cargo from one point to another. 

New Shell Rotella engine oils offer improved technology for hard working vehicles

New Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection and Shell Rotella T5 10W-30 Synthetic Blend have been developed to meet the new API CK-4 service category for diesel engine oil. Nearly a decade has passed since the last diesel engine oil category, CJ-4, was developed and the standard has lasted well beyond the life of the typical engine oil category. The American Petroleum Institute (API), working with engine manufacturers and oil makers, has completely redesigned heavy-duty engine oil specifications to meet the needs of current and next-generation engines. This has resulted in two new categories - API CK-4 and API FA-4.

What is PC-11?

In order to meet goals for 2017 engines which will be more fuel-efficient and have fewer emissions, many next generation engines will run at higher operating temperatures. This will require changes in engine oil composition so that they can withstand more heat without sacrificing engine protection.

Shell Rotella Introduces New Line of Oil Filters

A new line of high-quality Shell Rotella oil filters has been introduced, which are designed to help reduce engine wear and promote longer oil life. Whether someone chooses conventional or synthetic engine oil for their diesel pickup oil change, Shell Rotella has the right oil filter.

Shell Rotella ELC-NF Added to Robust Coolant Portfolio

Shell Lubricants is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of Shell Rotella Extended Life Coolant - Nitrite Free (ELC NF). The new coolant joins the Shell Rotella coolant portfolio as the companion to Shell Rotella Ultra ELC. Both products are designed to meet the requirements of a growing segment of commercial vehicles that are moving to nitrite free engine antifreeze/coolant formulations to better protect aluminum components.

Shell Rotella® T6 Full Synthetic

Shell Rotella® T6 Full Syntheticoil features an advanced multi-functional, low-ash additive technology in a synthetic base oil designed to provide highly responsive protection that continuously adapts to your operational conditions. Use of selected low-viscosity synthetic base oils further energizes the oil’s protective capability that promotes fuel-economy performance with no compromise in durability. Shell Rotella® T6 can contribute in many ways:

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