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Coneqtec Universal - AP Backhoe Planer Cold Planers / Milling Machines

The operation and safety of the planer is greatly enhanced by its unique front down design. This exclusive feature keeps the front of the planer low to the ground, providing a constant barrier for the debris generated by the planing operation. The AP Hydraulic Controls, with fold in and out design, require no additional option package for the host machine. This allows control of depth and side shift and tilt from the operator's seat. Utilizing the three-spool BLB valve in the controls allows the operator to feel for feathering of the milling head, creating the perfect option for a planer run on several host machines.

The exclusive open drum design improves planer productivity by greatly reducing the power loss caused by the pics and drum passing through the already planed material. Standard planing drums lose power, particularly at depths below 1.5" because material is trapped between the pics and the drum. The open drum design overcomes this problem giving you increased productivity.


Key Specifications: 8 models
Number of pics 38 - 128
Cutting Width 12" - 48"
Cutting depth 6"
Shipping weight 1500 lbs - 2900 lbs

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3348 S Hoover Rd.
Wichita, KS
US, 67215


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