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Large stabilizer-reclaimer designed for tough jobs

The SX-8e/ex is the largest in the Roadtec line of soil stabilizer-reclaimer machines. With an operating weight of 82,000 pounds (37,195 kg), the SX-8 is capable of cutting up to 20 inches (508mm) deep and 100 inches (2,540mm) wide and is designed for road rehabilitation, cold recycling, or soil stabilization.

Additive system transfers, measures and injects emulsion or foamed asphalt

The Roadtec CIR Additive System is used in the cold-in-place recycling of asphalt pavement in the repair and rehabilitation of asphalt-paved roads. The system is used to transfer, measure, and inject either emulsion or foamed asphalt to the cutter housing of the milling machine. The additive is then thoroughly blended with the milled material and transferred for paving.

Roadtec MTV-1100e designed with low profile for better visibility

The Roadtec MTV-1100e offers a low, machine-height profile, which is designed to keep the operator closer to the ground. The lower 9’ 10½” (3m) machine height with a deck height of 6’ 2” (2m) is designed to provide the machine operator with a clearer view of the surroundings and the ability to more easily talk with ground crew. A dual staircase with handrails flanks the machine allowing workers to cross the paving train without risk of being on the ground between machines.

Compact, Rubber-Tire Paver Offers Maneuverability, Performance Power

The Roadtec RP-170e is a rubber-tire 8’ (2.5m) Highway Class, asphalt paver. The machine features a 6' 4" (1905 mm) wheelbase designed to offer greater maneuverability without sacrificing performance in traction or pushing power. The hopper width is 10" 5" (3175 m) with a 11.5 ton (10.4 mt) capacity.

Roadtec Autotracking Seamlessly Links Paving Train, Eliminates Inconsistencies with Speed and Distance

The Autotracking package automates the Roadtec Shuttle Buggy Material Transfer Vehicle, allowing it to operate at a continuous speed with a paver. This new option enables the paver to set the speed for the shuttle buggy preventing any defects in the mat associated with stopping and starting the paver.

Roadtec RX-600e Tier 4 Final Transition

The RX-600e cold planer offers a unique combination of power, balance, and efficiency. Previously meeting Tier 4 interim compliance, the new RX-600e is powered by a Cummins QSX 15 Tier 4 final engine with a maximum power of 675 hp (496 kW) @ 1,850 engine. True to the Roadtec way, the machine remains extremely accessible and operator-friendly with simplified controls.

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Roadtec RX-100e

Roadtec, has introduced a smaller unit to its line of milling machines.The RX-100e is a highly maneuverable mill with a base cutting width of 20” (508 mm) and the capability of cutting 8” (203 mm) deep. The weight, power, and dimensions of this machine make it the perfect option for milling around obstructions such as man holes or other narrow spaces.