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Roadtec - RP-170e  Asphalt Pavers

The RP-1The RP-170e is an 8 foot (2.5m) wide rubber-tire asphalt paver with a compact wheelbase for greater maneuverability without sacrificed performance. The RP-170e contains Roadtec’s exclusive anti-segregation design which now includes a wider feed tunnel and larger augers. Operator stations hydraulically swing out, allowing the operator to see down the side of the machine. Controls with ergonomic design of switch placements are on the armrest for operator comfort even through long shifts.


Key Specifications
Basic paving width 8' (2.5 m)
Paving speed to 300 fpm (80 mpm)
Weight (of tractor only) 29,280 (13,281)
Tractor Operating Width 10' 5" (3175 mm)

Company Info

800 Manufacturers Rd
Chattanooga, TN
US, 37405


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