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Astec Industries, Inc.

Address 1725 Shepherd Road, Chattanooga, TN, 37421, US
Website astecindustries.com
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ASTEC announces dates for 2017 advanced customer schools

ASTEC, INC., an Astec Industries company, has announced the dates for the 2017 Advanced Customer Schools. Six weeks of schools are available. Attendees can choose to attend one of these sessions: January 9-12, January 16-19, January 30-February 2, February 6-9, February 13-16, or February 20-23, 2017. New for the 2017 schools, ASTEC will provide translation for French speakers during the schools held the weeks of January 30-February 2 and February 6-9 and translation for Spanish speakers during the weeks of February 13-16 and February 20-23.

Astec test fires largest burner to date

Astec, Inc., an Astec Industries company has test-fired the largest burner that it has manufactured since entering the burner market in 2003. Astec built the 150 MBTU long-nose Phoenix Talon burner for Milestone Construction in Indianapolis to be used in a Dillman unified drum rated at 600 TPH. The burner weighs about 12,000 pounds.

Run More Types of Mix, Improve Production and Save Fuel

Efficient and consistent drying is one of the biggest challenges in operating an asphalt plant. For example, open graded friction course (OGFC), stone mastic asphalt (SMA), or High RAP and RAS can cause high baghouse temperatures. Furthermore, virgin or low RAP mixes, dense graded mixes and warm mix cause very low baghouse temperatures. For these reasons, plant operators have found it very hard to do everything without physically changing the drum flighting – plus the consequences of these temperature changes can spell real trouble.

ASTEC Announces Dates for 2016 Advanced Customer Schools

ASTEC, INC., an Astec Industries company, has announced the dates for the 2016 Advanced Customer Schools. Every year ASTEC strives to improve the experience for the Advanced Customer Schools attendees. New for the 2016 schools, ASTEC makes the customer school experience available to even more attendees by offering two more weeks of schools for a total of six weeks altogether.

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Astec V-Pack Stack Temperature Control System Receives Patent

ASTEC, Inc., has been awarded patent number 8,863,404 for its V-Pack Stack Temperature Control System. The V-Pack Stack Temperature Control System extends the range of mixes that can be produced without requiring that the flights be adjusted. The system’s “V-flights,” unique drum flights with a deep V-shape, and its use of variable frequency drives (VFDs), which provide control of the drum rotational speed, are keys to the control system managing an asphalt plant’s exhaust gas temperature and increasing overall efficiency.

ASTEC Double Barrel HR Can Now Process RAP

As reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) usage continues to increase as a way for producers to keep costs down while utilizing stockpiles of reclaimed asphalt pavement, Astec has increased the ability of its signature Double Barrel drum dryer/mixer to handle RAP. The Astec Double Barrel HR includes enhancements to the drum which allows use of up to 65 percent RAP.

ASTEC debuts Double Barrel HR at ConExpo

As RAP usage continues to increase as a way for producers to keep costs down while utilizing stockpiles of reclaimed asphalt pavement, ASTEC, Inc., an Astec Industries company, has increased the ability of its signature Double Barrel® drum dryer/mixer to handle RAP. The ASTEC Double Barrel HR includes enhancements to the drum which allows use of up to 65% RAP. A 1/8 model of the new high RAP Double Barrel drum were on display during the ConExpo 2014 tradeshow in Las Vegas.

ASTEC Builds 600th Warm Mix System

ASTEC, Inc., an Astec Industries company, reports that it has sold the 600th warm mix system since it began producing it in 2007. The 600th system will be installed at Delta Contracting in Humboldt, Tennessee.