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Equipment Focus: Demolition attachments

Equipment Focus: Demolition attachments

Case Construction Equipment

Case Construction Equipment hydraulic hammers

The hydraulic hammers from Case combine innovation, efficiency and “accumulator- free” technology for consistent and reliable performance on the jobsite at less cost to the customer.

  • Hammers come in easy-to-install kits, with fully configured and pre-assembled hoses – service tools included.

  • Feature two moving parts and low recoil.

  • Designed with a long-stroke piston, which is the most efficient design for energy transfer and recoil reduction.

  • In the cushion chamber every blow is isolated from the carrier and operator, while energy is recycled and used for the next blow.

  • Include a gas recharge kit and three-year warranty.


Bobcat hydraulic breaker

Break away concrete faster and chip through asphalt easier with the powerful force of the hydraulic breaker.

  • Delivers maximum efficiency by matching hydraulic capacity of the carrier to the breaker, allowing consistent machine-to-breaker performance.
  • Provides a quieter and smoother operation while still maintaining blows per minute.
  • AMI Attachments

    AMI Attachments concrete pulverizer

    The AMI Kraken concrete pulverizer is designed to crush concrete methodically and efficiently.

    • Replaceable jaw teeth are welded into place. Longer teeth in the centre of the jaws concentrate pressure across fewer points on the initial crush of concrete, while secondary teeth crumble concrete into manageable pieces.

    • Serrated pinch blades are made of Hardox 400 steel and provide the grip and precision required to pick up, hold and carry fine material.

    • The nose and heel, made with Bruxite 500 hard-wearing steel, give the operator fine edges for managing concrete slabs, precast structures, walls, bridge decks and asphalt.

    Allied Construction Products

    Allied hammer

    The Rammer 2166 is a medium range hammer for carriers 16 to 27 tonnes.

    • Heavy-duty housing, Ramvalve, Ramdata II, VIDAT tie rods and in-hammer pressure control valve.

    • Ramlube II and Soft Blow Sensor or Idle Blow Protector as an option.

    • Working weight 1,400 kg; impact rate 430 to 790 bpm; operating pressure 140 to 160 bar; tool diameter 125 mm; oil flow 120 to 180 L/min.

    Okada America

    Okada America hydraulic breaker

    Okada America has released the brand-new TOP 150 hydraulic breaker.

    • The TOP 150 was designed for the 14- to 21-ton carrier range.
    • The breaker bracket is made of heavy-gauge high tensile steel plates that are designed to give maximum protection to the breaker body while making it easier and less time-consuming to do routine maintenance.

    Atlas Copco

    Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers

    Atlas Copco’s five Small Range EC hydraulic breakers – the EC 40 T, EC 50 T, EC 60 T, EC 70 T and EC 80 T – are small enough to fit in limited-access work environments, such as pipe trenches.

    • Fit 1- to 12-ton carriers.
    • Excel in day-to-day breaking tasks for small scale construction and demolition applications.
    • Feature Atlas Copco’s box-style mounting systems, eliminating the need for removing external fasteners to access components for maintenance.
    • Operators can use the breakers in noise- and vibration-restricted worksites because of Atlas Copco’s exclusive VibroSilenced Plus systems.

    Nye Manufacturing

    Nye Manufacturing demolition grapples

    Nye heavy-duty demolition grapples are built with solid 120,000 psi heat-treated alloy stringers that extend all the way from the tips to the bridge, forming an individual T1 box section for each tine.

    • Designed for the most severe demolition and rock applications.
    • Weld-on hardened steel tips for long life.
    • Optional shear plates for extra wood waste crushing ability.
    • No extra valves or hoses required.
    • Optional hydraulic brace.

    Genesis Attachments

    Genesis Attachments demolition tool

    The Genesis GDT Razer demolition tool is designed for today’s new classes of excavators and specialty high-reach applications.

    • Low-cost, reversible, long-life crushing teeth are quickly and easily replaced, eliminating buildup.
    • 4-way indexable cutting blades feature an apex that draws material deeper into the jaw for more efficient cutting.
    • Easy-to-change crushing teeth are available in several configurations to maximize performance in any application.
    • Short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket shortens the centre of gravity while making it easy to change mounting for different carriers.

    Chicago Pneumatic

    Chicago Pneumatic breaker

    The RX8 breaker is ideal for light demolition, building renovation and road construction.

    • Impact rate of up to 1,000 bpm.

    • Service weight of 816 pounds (380 kg).

    • Specified for carriers with a capacity of 11,500 to 26,500 pounds (carrier class 5.2 to 12 metric tons).
    • Fewer moving parts.
    • Incorporates noise and vibration dampening technology.
    • Highly efficient internal control valve.

    • The cylinder and tool holder are one piece, eliminating strain and risk of seizures.
    • A central lubrication point makes for quick and easy lubrication.


    Montabert hydraulic breaker

    The V32 heavy-range hydraulic breaker features variable-speed technology that automatically adjusts impact energy and striking rate in response to changes in material hardness, maximizing productivity in demolition, excavation and quarrying applications.

  • Progressive start system prevents slipping by creating a small recess in the material before full power is applied.
  • Blank-fire protection system reduces metal-to-metal contact that can damage the breaker.
  • Automatic lubrication system assures continuous lubrication for optimal functionality.
  • Fully enclosed heavy-duty cradle minimizes ambient noise and protects against dust and debris.
  • Automatic pressure regulator provides constant energy to the breaker for repetitive performance.

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