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About Allied Construction Products

Allied Construction Products is a leader in innovative construction product technology. Allied designs, manufactures and distributes attachments for excavators, loader/backhoes, skid-steers and mini-excavators including hydraulic breakers and compactor/drivers for use in construction, demolition, mining and other applications.

Rammer Hammers

Rammer® boom-mounted hydraulic hammers, known for exceptional productivity and reliability.

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Volvo partners with Allied for breaker sale and support

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo) and Allied Construction Products LLC (Allied) have entered into an agreement for the sale and support of Allied hydraulic breakers. The partnership was created to offer customers more options in breakers and other aftermarket attachments in North America, and results in the addition of 40 models to Volvo dealer product offerings, including the Allied flagship Rammer and Hy-Ram hydraulic breakers and Ho-Pac and Skid-Pac compactor/drivers. Comparable Volvo-branded products in North America will be discontinued with this new partnership.

Allied's Rammer Model 2577 Hammer Application Specific, Product Solution.

Allied Construction Products, LLC has announced the addition of the Allied/Rammer Model 2577 hydraulic impact hammer to their full-product line. As attachment use increases, Allied continues to lead the industry with product improvements. Allied's newest addition, the Rammer Model 2577 Mid-Range hammer weighs 3,880 pounds and is ideal for use on 46,300 to 66,100 pound excavators.

Sandvik Small Ranger breakers

The Sandvik BR555, BR777 and BR999 Small Range breakers incorporate the Constant Blow Energy (CBE) plus operating system, making them powerful, reliable and easy to maintain. They deliver high blow frequency and power where and when you need it, regardless of the application. Some of the other features include:
• Enclosed power cell which resists bending forces and reduces wear;
• Fewer parts, reducing operating costs;
• Integrated one-piece tool bushing design that includes thrust ring, upper and lower bushing and dust seal all in one;
• Constant Blow Energy (CBE) for constant high productivity;
• Vibration dampening to prevent carrier damage and improve operator comfort;
• Hose connecting block for simplicity in changing left or right hand hose connections;
• No tie rods, which means no downtime and less maintenance; and
• Dual accumulator (high pressure and low pressure) design that provides maximum power with less pulsation in hydraulic lines.
Allied Construction Products, LLC 

All-new Hy-Ram hydraulic impact hammer

Allied Construction Products’ all-new Hy-Ram HR Series hydraulic impact hammer has “streetwise” attributes like an oil and gas operation that increases efficiency, a longer piston stroke for higher impact power and an auto-stop system to prevent “blank firing.”
The concept of the high performance boom-mounted hydraulic hammer was pioneered by Allied Construction Products.
With continuous improvements over the years, the Allied Hy-Ram still uses the same simple, proven design that first gained industry-wide acceptance for thehydraulic hammer concept.

Allied Mechanical Pulverizer (AMP) for controlled demolition

Allied Construction Products has introduced the Allied Mechanical Pulverizer (AMP) designed for controlled demolition of concrete slabs, walls, foundations and bridge decks. Pulverizing concrete in a mobile situation is a current technique to separate reinforced concrete from the rebar.
The AMP has no hydraulic system of its own. It takes advantage of the full-force of the bucket cylinder on the excavator which is more economical than a built-in cylinder.

Compactor and driver

The all-new extreme Ho-Pacs deliver more impact energy, an errorless four-function valve, a variety of mounting configurations, and maintenance-free, oil-splash bearing lubrication. Because it’s both a compactor and a driver, the Allied Ho-Pac permits even the smallest contractor or municipality to have this dual capability available. All models are available with Allied’s patented VMS mounting system for quick changing between carriers. The vibration produced by the Ho-Pac is an ideal force for compacting granular materials since vibration generates stress waves which bring the soil’s air to the surface. As a result, the particles of soil are rearranged and moved closer to each other, which reduces voids in the soil. Ho-Pacs compact in densities in excess of 95 percent Proctor. As a driver, Ho-Pacs offer a faster, less-expensive technique for driving wood, steel and aluminum sheeting, H and I beams, piling, posts and sea walls. Ho-Pacs send vibration along the length of the item being driven, breaking the skin friction that slows driving.

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