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HAMM AG - HD+ 70i VT Tandem Asphalt Rollers

The HD+ series tandem rollers deliver maximum productivity, top compaction quality and unsurpassed comfort. From the glazed XXL cabin, the driver has an optimum overview of the machine and the construction site. With a large track offset and swivel joint, an automatic drive control and balanced weight distribution, the tandem rollers compact asphalt surfaces to the highest quality.

Features & Benefits


Pressure sprinkler system with 2 water pumps; spray nozzles visible from driver seat.


Operator platform with perfect all-round visibility. Available with XXL panoramic cabin and integrated roll-over protection, or as an open ROPS version.


The Hammtronic electronic machine management system continuously monitors all machine and engine functions. Automatic adjustments of traction drive, vibration/oscillation and engine speed to varying operating conditions.

Air duct

Intelligently designed routing of air flow for efficient engine cooling. No heating up of the operator platform due to waste heat of engine cooling.

Latest engine technology

The modern, water-cooled DEUTZ 4-cylinder in-line engine with common rail injection system III and US EPA tier III requirements. Low-noise and environmentally-friendly operation guaranteed.

Three-point articulated joint

Articulated joint with kinematic design, positioned at the centre of the machine. Ensures uniform weight distribution an outstanding driving stability.


Key Specifications
Operating weight with cab 15,512.17lbs (7,035kg)
Drum diameter 44.88in (1,140mm)
Power rat. ISO 14396 55,4 kW /75,3 hp /2500 rpm

Company Info

Hammstraße 1 D-95643


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