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Towmaster, Inc. - T-24TA | 40TA | 50TA Trailers

Towmaster's® deck-over air-tilt trailers offer convenience and easy loading by tilting the bed using air from the tow vehicle's system. This provides a clean and efficient way of tilting the deck without the use of hydraulics. Approach ramp is standard, air-lift ramps are optional. Simply tilt the deck, drive on or off and level the deck back down. The tilt deck trailer features a single-lever twin-latch system to secure the deck to the frame. The low load angle allows for easy equipment loading and unloading.


Key Specifications
Capacity 24,000, 40,000, 50,000 lbs
GVWR 34,610, 52,100, 62,600 lbs
GAWR 24,000, 45,000, 54,480 lbs
Avg. Weight 10,610, 12,100, 12,600 lbs