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Talbert Manufacturing, Inc.

Address 1628 W. State Rd. 114, Rensselaer, IN, 47978, US
Tel 219-866-7141
Website talbertmfg.com
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About Talbert Manufacturing:

Talbert has been building world-class heavy-haul and specialized trailers to rigorous customer specifications since 1938. The company offers complete lines of heavy-haul trailers and specialized transportation equipment for the commercial, industrial, military and government sectors. Its trailers and equipment are used in applications as diverse as renewable energy, aerospace, heavy construction, in-plant material handling, manufacturing and processing systems and much more. 

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Talbert cuts ribbon on expanded North Carolina facility

Talbert Manufacturing hosted a ribbon cutting May 14, 2019, officially opening the 58,000-square-foot expansion of their Liberty, North Carolina, facility. The 120,000-square-foot Liberty Trailers LLC will manufacture Talbert's Tag-A-Long Series, Traveling Axle Series and Hydraulic Tail Series trailers. With the expansion, the manufacturer looks to increase dealer and customer support throughout North America with increased production capabilities and a support staff of 60 associates. Several Talbert representatives were on hand for the occasion, including President Andrew Tanner, Co-Owner Russ Stern, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Troy Geisler, Vice President of Operations Jim Hall and Vice President of Purchasing Jamie Myers.

Calculating true capacity before buying your next trailer

Long before a single load is booked or any wheels turn, someone - usually a fleet manager - needs to determine exactly what is going to separate the road and the load. There's a lot riding on this decision because, as much as some would like to think otherwise, a trailer is never just a trailer. It can be manufactured to many different specifications, with multiple raw material options, dozens of load and geographical considerations, various top speed requirements and hundreds of possible axle configurations coming into play. And it all comes down to one objective - the ideal trailer for an operation's specific loads.

Versatile Talbert trailer offers multiple configurations

Talbert Manufacturing offers the 60CC/55SA-LD trailer for optimum versatility. The trailer pairs with Talbert's optional East Coast-style E1Nitro axle extension, allowing for 60-ton capacity with a close-coupled configuration or a 55-ton hauling capacity with a spread axle configuration. This innovative Talbert design gives customers flexibility to switch between configurations to meet differing hauling regulations. While maintaining a 60-ton rating at half the deck length, the 60CC/55SA-LD offers a 6-inch ground clearance with an 18-inch loaded deck height — two inches lower than competitive models.

Talbert Manufacturing offers versatile 60-ton spread-axle trailer

Talbert Manufacturing's 60/65SA trailer has been designed to accommodate both tri-axle and tandem-axle jeeps. It features 2+2, 3+1 and 4 axle close coupled configurations. This innovative Talbert design gives customers in a range of industries, including construction, oil and gas, and recycling and waste, flexibility to carry a variety of load options.

Versatile 60-ton spread-axle trailer

Talbert Manufacturing now offers the 60/65SA trailer, designed to accommodate both tri-axle and tandem-axle jeeps. It features 2+2, 3+1 and 4 axle close coupled configurations. This innovative Talbert design gives customers flexibility to carry a variety of load options.

Heavy-haul trailer extends to handle wide range of large equipment

Talbert Manufacturing's has  introduced its 55SA-TELE heavy-haul trailer. The deck length of this innovative unit is 54-feet when open, which allows users to haul a wide range of large equipment, such as bridge beams, conveyors, generators, pressure vessels and tanks. Operators can then retract the trailer to 32 feet 6 inches. This shortens the overall trailer length to 53 feet, eliminating the need for permits which saves time and money.

Talbert Manufacturing to Unveil New Tilt Trailer Series at ICUEE 2015

Talbert Manufacturing, a North American leader in specialized heavy-haul solutions, is launching a new Air Ramp/Air Tilt Series for easy loading of low-clearance equipment, such as soil and asphalt rollers. The series includes the 20-ton capacity AC-20-ART and 25-ton capacity AC3-25-ART. The units' air controls provide additional operator safety when raising and lowering the trailer for loading, and low deck height offers a superior view of the equipment and surroundings.

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