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Towmaster, Inc.

Address 61381 US HWY 12, Litchfield, MN, 55355, US
Phone 320-693-7900
Fax 320-693-7921
Website towmaster.com
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Air from tow vehicle used to tilt trailer for easy loading and unloading

Towmaster’s deck-over air-tilt trailers offer convenience and easy loading by tilting the bed using air from the tow vehicle’s system. This provides a clean and efficient way of tilting the deck without the use of hydraulics. This trailer features an angled beavertail and ramps to offer a low loading angle – perfect for loading small-wheeled or paver equipment. Ramps can be manual or air-operated. Simply tilt the deck, drive on or off, and level the deck back down. The tilt deck trailer features a single-lever twin latch system to secure the deck to the frame. The low load angle allows for easy equipment loading and unloading.

Five common-sense practices to work safely around a trailer

Everyone says it: use common sense. The problem is while we all know we should, not everyone pays attention to it, and some aren’t aware of what common sense even means, says Shane Zeppelin, Marketing Manager, Towmaster Inc. Common sense is another term for common knowledge but if you haven’t been introduced to a particular situation, you may not know what is commonly known. Trailers are a fairly low-tech, low maintenance piece of equipment. Because of this, people don’t necessarily pay attention to the little things that could arise when it comes to safely working around them. Shane has five things to consider to avoid injury when using a trailer.