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Volvo Construction Equipment - A25G Articulated Dump Trucks

Whether you’re working in the quarrying, mining, material handling, heavy earthmoving or any other application, these machines deliver the power, speed and productivity you expect from Volvo. Experience outstanding machine control and precise, stable movement in Volvo’s new G-Series dumper.

Featuring advanced technology and built on decades of experience, the powerful Volvo engine meets stringent regulations and delivers the ultimate combination of high performance and low fuel consumption.

Features & Benefits

Operational data

Volvo offers machine owners, operators and service technicians access to a wealth of data that will improve productivity and save money.

Volvo drivetrain

The ideally-matched, all-Volvo drivetrain is purpose built for articulated haulers, ensuring perfect harmony and optimized performance.

Service access

Safe and easy access to grouped service points via the swing-down front grill – which acts as a service platform – and 90-degree tilting engine hood.

Articulation and Oscillation joint

The connection between the tractor and the trailer has high ground clearance, industry-leading hydro-mechanical steering and a maintenance free rotating hitch design.

Volvo cab

Designed for maximum productivity, the spacious and safe cab offers all-around visibility, easy to access controls and low internal noise levels.


Key Specifications
Engine: SAE J1995 gross 320 hp (235 kW)
Engine: ISO 9249, SAE J1349 Net 318 hp (234 kW)
Max speed 33 mph (53 km/h)
Load capacity 26.5 sh tn (24 000 kg)
Loading capacity: SAE 2:1 heap 19.6 yd3 (15,0 m3)
Net weight 49,604 lb (22 500 kg)
Gross weight 102,515 lb (46 500 kg)

Company Info

304 Volvo Way
Shippensburg, PA
US, 17257


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