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G-Series line of articulated hauler expands, gets increased tonnage

Increased payload capacities, on-board weighing, dynamic drive and a range of new standard features all serve to improve productivity and safety while reducing cost-per-ton

G-Series line of articulated hauler expands, gets increased tonnage

Fifty years ago, the articulated hauler was originated on the design philosophy that a truck could be both powerful and productive, while remaining incredibly nimble and efficient. Today, no line of articulated haulers better exemplifies this philosophy than the updated Volvo G-Series, the company states.

“We have taken the industry’s best lineup of articulated haulers and made them better by increasing payload capacities and including a range of new features that make them even safer and more efficient than before,” said Eric Fatyol, GPE products manager, Volvo Construction Equipment. “The newest addition to the line — the A45G — holds an advantage in that it’s capable of 45-ton payloads, but is built upon a dimensionally smaller, lighter and more agile platform than other 45-ton trucks — making it more nimble, more off-road capable and more fuel efficient.”

The three smallest of the G-Series haulers now have a 1-ton higher capacity than before, including: Volvo A25G at 27.5 tons, A30G at 32 tons and A35G at 38 tons. The A40G remains at 43 tons, and the new A45G / A45G FS has a 45-ton capacity. The A45G and A45G FS are powered by the latest Volvo D16, 16-liter, Tier 4 Final engine, which boasts 469 horsepower (350 kW).

Dynamic performance

Among the array of line improvements are the new Volvo Dynamic Drive and Dynamic Volvo Engine Brake (VEB) systems. Dynamic Drive provides an improved gear shifting strategy that takes into consideration both the payload and the gradient of the slope. The machine will automatically detect when to choose a higher starting gear or when to shift up earlier. When conditions require, the machine will prolong the gear, ensuring maximum rim-pull. With Dynamic Drive, customers can expect a 3 to 10 percent fuel efficiency improvement depending on the model.

With the new Dynamic VEB system, the torque and shift points are now dynamically adjusted against the current load, inclination, and rolling resistance, which improves brake life by reducing the need to use the brake and retarder pedal when going downhill. The new Dynamic VEB also leads to significant increases in max torque on all models.

The updated G-Series is built upon the platform that has made Volvo the most off-road capable articulated hauler for decades. With hydro-mechanical steering, high ground clearance, Automatic Traction Control (ATC) and 100-percent differential locks, Volvo G-Series haulers can work in 4x6 and 6x6 drive combinations — allowing for both incredible off-road capability and reduced fuel consumption. Available on the new A45G FS is a unique, industry-only, fully hydraulic suspension on all wheels, providing unmatched off-road performance and operator comfort in the toughest conditions.

Real-time tonnage

On-Board Weighing now comes standard on the A35G, A40G and A45G, and is a newly available option for the A25G and A30G. The system is fully automatic, requiring no intervention from the operator. Three load indicator lights alert both the hauler operator and the excavator operator when nominal load has been reached and can warn the operators of overloading. The hauler operator can also see, in real-time, the actual tonnage displayed on the in-cab Contronics display, which also includes a new Econometer feature showing fuel economy in the form of gallon per transported ton, per work cycle for the last 10 cycles. This data is also shared and remotely accessible by the fleet manager through CareTrack, Volvo’s telematics system, allowing for complete payload management and improved fleet utilization.

Safety on every angle

A number of new safety features come standard on the G-Series articulated haulers — the two most notable of which are Hill Assist and a Dump Support System.

Hill Assist holds the hauler in place on steep slopes without the need to engage the parking brake. The feature automatically activates when arriving at a complete stop on a hill and is disengaged when the operator accelerates.

The Dump Support System allows the operator to see the percentage side inclination of the truck and set allowable parameters for safe dumping operations. This feature can be configured three ways: off, on with an alarm, and on with an alarm and a complete bed stop. The Dump Support System complements Volvo’s already user-friendly, patented Load and Dump Brake technology. The tipping lever has automatic hold in the lowering position, which provides precise control for faster cycle times.