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Volvo Construction Equipment - A25E Articulated Dump Trucks

The history of Volvo Construction Equipment cannot be described without a specific section devoted to one of the company's star products, the articulated hauler.

In response to demands for an all-terrain hauler that could be used in very tough and difficult operating conditions, the world's first articulated hauler saw the light of day in 1966.
Based on a tractor without front axle and with a trailer coupled to it through a hitch with an articulation joint it was a unique and entirely new machine concept that within a few years would revolutionize earth-moving and other demanding mass transport operations in the construction sector. This type of machine soon became very popular the world over and had a market share of over 50% in 1988.

The first version of the articulated hauler, the DR 631 model was a rugged, un-sprung vehicle with articulated steering, four-wheel drive, a load capacity of 10 tonnes and a safety cab in which the operator was placed in the centre-line right over and in the middle of the front axle, a concept still today retained by Volvo.


2010 Key Specifications
Engine Volvo D9B AB E3
SAE J1349 gross 224 kW (305 hp)
Load capacity: SAE struck 11,7 m3
Load capacity: SAE 2:1 heap 15,0 m3
Payload 24 t
Net weight 21,6 t