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Morooka Co., Ltd - MST2200VD Crawler Carriers

The U.S. built Morooka MST2200VD is our most popular model in the North American market primarily because the platform is so versatile. Whether used as a dumper or carrier, it easily handles a maximum payload and has demonstrated its versatility on pipelines, construction sites and a host of other applications.


Key Specifications
Machine Weight 14,464 kg / 31,820 lbs.
Maximum Load 11,000 kg / 24,255 lbs.
Travel Speed (Low - High) 9-13.5 kph / 5.7-8.5 mph
Horsepower 250 hp

Company Info

358 Shoubeeshindenmachi
Ryuugasaki, Ibaraki,
JP, 301-0031


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