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Morooka unveils largest U.S. made addition to rotator-type carrier lineup

Morooka MST-3000VDR rubber track carrier

In July, the first Morooka MST-3000VDR rubber track carrier, with enhanced hydraulics and a larger bed, rolled off the line at the manufacturing facility in Ashland, Virginia.

The new MST-3000VDR is powered by a 300 hp Caterpillar C7.1 engine and can handle a maximum load of 36,000 pounds. Even so, it has a top speed of 8 mph and yet only exerts a ground pressure of 3.6-8.0 psi

Ken Byrd, founder and president of Morooka USA, recounted just how the new machine came to be. When Morooka customer Bobby Ross of Rosscapes in Canonsville, Pennsylvania, needed something with a bit more capacity than the MST-2200VDR, he turned to his local dealer, Anderson Equipment. Anderson Equipment, Rosscapes, and Morooka America worked closely together to develop the MST-3000VDR, the largest U.S-built rotator to date. The carrier's power and carrying capacity allow Rosscapes to move dirt nearly twice as fast as before. 

Rosscapes, which specializes in environmental restoration services such as wetland and stream restoration, currently has a fleet of five Morooka rotators and is looking to add more MST-3000VDR units in the future.

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