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Address 1001, J.-A. Bombardier Street, Granby, QC, J2J 1E9, CA
Tel 450-776-3600
Email [email protected]
Website prinoth.com


PRINOTH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tracked vehicles. The state-of-the-art technology and innovative design of the  products has set them apart, offering impressive efficiency and sustainability. With over a half century of tracked vehicle experience, PRINOTH continues to develop and refine the sprocket-track system invented by Bombardier in 1935. It is just one of the reasons why our tracked vehicles are known as the best in the world and why you will find a PRINOTH carrier wherever there is hard work to be done. In 2011, following more than 3 years of research and development, and an array of PRINOTH-exclusive innovations, the PANTHER platform was introduced and has not stopped evolving since. Whether mud, gravel or snow, the PANTHER carriers are reliable tools for extreme use in extreme environments. Thanks to their huge payload, these vehicles can be equipped with a multitude of specialized attachments. This makes them ideally suited for all types of operations in electric utility, construction, oil and gas, mining, and many more industries. With its one or two-person cab, large deck space as well as ease of implement installation, the PANTHER is ready to perform without fail in all sectors. Today, the company is part of the HTI Group (High Technology Industries) with more than 3,000 employees worldwide

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The PRINOTH PANTHER T14R is 28% more productive than its closest competitor.


The PRINOTH PANTHER T16 is a huge off-road dumper with 33,500 lb of payload


The PRINOTH PANTHER T8 is a highly versatile tool and can quickly become your track of all trades



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Prinoth specialty vehicle designed for tough jobs in extreme Antarctic conditions

Prinoth has developed a new vehicle designed to transport very large loads with less personnel and less impact on the environment. The new transport vehicle was designed for Troll, a Norwegian research station in Antarctica. The company says that the aim of the project is to reduce overall operational costs. This is achieved through lower fuel consumption, reduced total time of transport and by minimizing the number of people dedicated to transporting fuel and goods in the Antarctic region.

Raptor 500 from PRINOTH changes carrier landscape

Challenging terrain has met its ultimate match.  PRINOTH conceived the RAPTOR 500 to be a carrier vehicle unlike any other - driven by a 430 HP EUROMOT Stage-V-compliant engine and weighing in at only 19 tons it wields the strength to work the roughest jobs at the same time sporting an impressively low ground pressure footprint. A combination, which helps deliver exceptional manoeuvrability while protecting the soil during sensitive storm damage reparations in delicate reforestation areas. 

PRINOTH launches Panther T7R at bauma

The PRINOTH PANTHER T7R is set to redefine the standards for tracked dumper productivity & cost effectiveness, and so we are proud to add this remarkable new vehicle to an already impressive product offering. With its design & engineering guided from the ground up by those who know our vehicles best: our customers - the PANTHER T7R goes well beyond technological innovation,delivering both lower cost of ownership and the ability to get the job done.

PRINOTH launches light, efficient and flexible mulching head for skid steers

PRINOTH is well known for its crawler carriers but also manufactures a wide range of mulching equipment. Through its Vegetation Management Division, and as a cutting-edge company, where the latest developments and innovations in agriculture and forest management are the top priority, PRINOTH continuously invests in developing high quality products including the introduction of its newest mulching head model, the M450s.

OnTrack Project Update from PRINOTH

For the past two years, PRINOTH has been participating in a EU-funded Project together with the leading cut-to-length forestry OEM, PONSSE, in a consortium of European forestry institutes to develop a low-impact forwarder for the global forestry market. Following a long tradition of developing solutions to a more sustainable environmental protection and as the heir of the Muskeg all-track tractor invented by Bombardier in 1953, PRINOTH was enthusiastic to provide its know-how in this challenging off-road application.

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CG Equipment newest Prinoth dealer in Canada

Prinoth has  announced CG Equipment, located in Southern Ontario, as its newest tracked vehicles' dealer in Canada. CG Equipment has been added as a Prinoth dealer to represent the Panther line-up in Ontario where there is an influx of activity. Well-established as a construction dealer in the Guelph and Zurich area, CG Equipment will service the province's various markets as well as other off-road projects and industries.

Prinoth adds Company Wrench as new Ohio dealer

PRINOTH, one of the world's leading manufacturer of tracked vehicles, continues to grow its dealer network across North America and as such is announcing a new dealer for the State of Ohio. As such, Company Wrench will now represent PRINOTH for the PANTHER vehicles line-up.

Panther utility vehicle evolving with new track and hauling options

The Prinoth PANTHER T16 is evolving to become the most versatile vehicle in its class. The T16 is now available with new track and configuration options to suit varying customer needs. There is now a choice between metal embedded solid rubber tracks (MERT) or the traditional D-dent track system. The PANTHER T16 customers have been requesting the rubber track option in order to allow more versatility when crossing or traveling on roads- as well as being gentler on shop floors when up-fitting or maintaining the vehicles. PRINOTH is always keen on providing its customers with the right products to suit their needs and the demands of the job.

PANTHER T22 now available with ALTEC’s AC40-152S & AC45-127S

One of PRINOTH’s major customers ALTEC Industries recently announced that two of their biggest cranes, the AC40-152S and AC45-127S, are now available mounted on the PANTHER T22. This provides customers access to hard-to-reach areas and employ the unit in the aerial mode of operation with 222 feet of working height and 1,200 pounds of platform capacity.

Prinoth announces Altec crane availability on tracked carriers

One of Prinoth’s major customers, Altec Industries, recently announced that two of their biggest cranes, the AC40-152S and AC45-127S, are now available mounted on the Panther T22. This provides customers access to hard-to-reach areas and employ the unit in the aerial mode of operation with 222 feet of working height and 1,200 pounds of platform capacity.