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Vacuum Excavator Series


McLaughlin - Vacuum Excavator Series Vacuum Excavators

McLaughlin has introduced a new large-capacity vacuum excavator ideally suited to the mid-sized horizontal directional drill (HDD) contractor. The MEGA VAC series features an optional 1,200 cfm deep blower option with 23 inches of mercury, providing 50 percent more suction or lift capability than the industry standard 15-inch mercury units. This results in a fast and powerful tool for potholing and quickly handling thick drill fluids from HDD rigs.

The MEGA VAC series excavators tank capacities ranging from 1,600 to 3,000 gallons have the ability to arrive on a jobsite, pothole for existing utilities and then remove drilling fluids from larger and longer bore projects. The larger-capacity spoil tank allows the contractor to stay on the job longer and reduce the need for time-consuming dumping.

The MEGA VAC series can easily offload drilling fluid into a reclaimer using a pressure feature that pressurizes the tank and quickly forces the fluid out of the tank through the 6-inch gate valve on the rear of the unit.

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2006 Perimeter Road
Greenville, SC
US, 29605


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