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McLaughlin - Vermeer VX100XT AIR Vacuum Excavators

The Vermeer VX100XT AIR series of vacuum excavators are equipped with an air compressor and water pump combination providing jobsite options of both air and hydro excavation on demand. This series of vacuum excavators can be configured both in trailer or skid packages with spoil tank capacities from 500 to 1200 gallons to suit your jobsite requirements.


Key Specifications: 6 models
Water Tank 250 gallon (946.4 L) and 410 gallon (1552 L)
Vacuum Pump 1200 cfm with 15" Hg
Spoil Tank 500 gallon (1892.7 L) to 1200 gallon (4542.5 L)
High Pressure Pump (Flow Rate) 5.6/21.2 gpm/L/min
High Pressure Pump (Pressure) 3000 psi

Company Info

2006 Perimeter Road
Greenville, SC
US, 29605


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