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McLaughlin - Vermeer VX30 Gas series Vacuum Excavators

The Vermeer V25 and VX30 Gas series of vacuum excavators by McLaughlin offer contractors an economical solution for a variety of jobsite cleanup applications and fluid management tasks such as HDD support. The VX30 Gas series of vacuums are also equipped with a 4 gpm water system at 3000 psi and fresh water tanks for potholing and clean up on your next jobsite.


Key Specifications: 3 models
Water Tank Capacity - (gal/L) 100/378.5 to 410/1552
Water Tank Flow Rate 4 gpm/L/min
Water Pump Pressure 3000 psi
Vacuum System 15 Hg Mercury/575 cfm

Company Info

2006 Perimeter Road
Greenville, SC
US, 29605


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