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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company - RL-3J (E-3) Tires

Smooth-Riding, Multi-Purpose, Radial Tire for high speed application in moderate to severe underfoot conditions. This 100-level radial rock tire is designed for high speed service. Tapered shoulder lugs and a centerline zig-zag groove make this radial ideal for high torque applications and give it superior forward and lateral traction. The radial construction also allows for a softer ride, improved treadwear and better fuel economy.


Key Specifications
Overall Width 40"
Overall Diameter 94.1"
Load Sect. & Growth 44.2"
Static Load Radius 41.8"
Revolutions per Mi 223
Gross Contact Area 750 in2
Tire Vol. 668.8 gal
Tread Depth 60 1/32in

Company Info

200 Innovation Way
Akron, OH
US, 44316-0001


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