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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company - RT-3A(E-3) Tires

Goodyear's newest radial scraper tire design with aggressive tread pattern providing maximum traction in all underfoot conditions.

When it comes to traction, the RT-3A Scraper offers optimal performance in all underfoot conditions. Its unique geometric lug pattern provides optimum traction and treadwear, as well as even pressure distribution and increased mobility.


Key Specifications
Overall Width 34.2"
Overall Diameter 82.2"
Load Sect. & Growth 35.5"
Static Load Radius 37"
Revolutions per Mi 248
Gross Contact Area 600 in2
Tread Depth 53 1/32in

Company Info

200 Innovation Way
Akron, OH
US, 44316-0001


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