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Liebherr Canada - Mobile Twin Shaft Mixer Concrete Plants

The low profile allows setting up the mobile twin shaft mixer under a typical dry-batch plant without or minor modifications to the plant. The plant with the attached twin shaft mixer can now produce high quality concrete mixes such as roller compacted concrete (RCC), cement treated base (CTB), self compacted concrete (SCC), zero slump concrete, etc. More flexibility and variability increases the application possibility of the plant and generates more revenue.

This mobile mixer system is available in following syzes: DW 2.25 / DW 2.5 / DW 3.0 / DW 4.5


Key Specifications: 4 models
Mixer Type DW 2.25, DW 2.5, DW 3.0, DW 4.5
Nominal capacity 3 yd3 (2.25 m3) to 6 yd3 (4.5 m3)
Filling capacity 4.5 yd3 (3.375 m3) to 9 yd3 (6.75 m3)
Output in set concrete 130 yd3 /h (100 m3 /h) to 235 yd3 /h (180 m3 /h)
Belt width 48” (1200 mm)

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