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Western Star Trucks - 5700 XE On Highway Trucks

When we decided to build a fuel efficient truck, we took that efficiency to the extreme. Every feature and component of this truck was refined to get maximum aerodynamics, efficiency and dependability. And we did it without sacrificing the kind of looks that let everyone know this aerodynamic truck is every bit a Western Star. Check out the features to get part of the story, then find your nearest dealer to get the rest.

Features & Benefits

Integrated Detroit Powertrain package

This combines the downsped DD15 with the direct drive DT12 transmission and specific rear axle ratios to provide the industry’s most efficient powertrain package.


A product that’s even greater than the sum of its parts. The Integrated Detroit Powertrain, along with incredible aerodynamics and lightweight components, make the 5700XE a wonder of fuel economy.


Every design feature working in harmony with the next has created a truck that shrugs off the wind like any other challenge.


We go beyond aluminum fifth wheels and super single wheels to shave weight. There’s our completely redesigned hood that’s light and strong, and our proven 10 13/16-inch single frame rail chassis that’s also light and strong. You start to see a trend here.


Making a lightweight, efficient truck is one thing. Making it durable enough to earn the name Western Star is something else. Luckily, with our heritage, we know how to get that done.


From one end to the other, every element of the 5700XE was chosen or developed to reduce drag, reduce weight, reduce maintenance time, reduce repair costs and reduce overall cost of ownership.


Consolidated fluid checks save time with convenient, easy access to your most vital fluids reducing your regular maintenance costs.


We’ve always taken safety seriously. That’s one reason why we continue to build our trucks with proven steel cabs. With the 5700XE, we’ve taken that passion for safety a step – make that several steps – further.

Intelligent Load Monitoring

Our Electronically Controlled Air Suspension maintains the ride height between axle and chassis even as road and load conditions change.

Predictive Cruise Control

Sees the road ahead, including inclines and declines, regulating speed and braking for up to a 3% savings in fuel, as well as added safety.

Detroit Virtual Technician

Our innovative feature that transmits critical engine data and diagnostics almost instantly. It identifies problems and lets you know you should stop immediately, saving you time and money on costly repairs.

On-Board Tablet

Designed to save you time and money, the On-Board Tablet tracks service hours, offers two-way communication, provides advanced asset-specific turn-by-turn navigation and streamlines pre- and post-trip inspections.


Key Specifications
Engine Model Detroit™ DD15®
Horsepower 455-505 hp
Torque 1550-1750 lb-ft

Company Info

4747 N. Channel Ave.
Portland, OR
US, 97217


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