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Jarraff Industries

Address 1730 Gault Street, St. Peter, MN, 56082, US
Phone 1-800-767-7112
Fax 1-507-934-8690
Email [email protected]
Website jarraff.com
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Tree trimmer updated with rotating saw head design

Jarraff Industries recently unveiled a new Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer with updated design, new look, higher power output and improved efficiency. The significantly updated Jarraff features a patent pending rotating saw head design that allows the operator to rotate the blade assembly 180 degrees. A new touch screen information center gives the operator unmatched control, engine monitoring, high definition camera display and more. The new Jarraff features a Cummins 130 horsepower, Tier 4 engine that meets all environmental emission standards and mandates. 

Geo-Boy brush cutter tractor for land clearing and site prep

The Geo-Boy is ideal for maintaining a wide range of transportation and utility right-of-ways (ROW), and is also effective in a variety of other applications including land clearing and site prep, invasive vegetation species management, storm damage removal and cleanup, wildfire management and seismic mapping operations.

Geo-Boy Brush Cutter From Jarraff Industries

The Geo-Boy Brush Cutter from Jarraff Industries, St. Peter, Minn., is designed for land clearing and vegetation management.  Available in both wheeled and track configurations, the Geo-Boy has the ability to lift the cutter head approximately 11 feet high and can quickly and effectively clear brush and trees up to 12 inches in diameter.

Geo-Boy Brush Cutter earns ROPS and FOPS certifications

The Geo-Boy Brush Cutter 4x4 model from Jarraff Industries recently received ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structures) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structures) certification.  The certification announcement comes after a lengthy testing and evaluation process.