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Low Ground Pressure Brush Cutter Tractor

Jarraff Industries

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A low center of gravity makes the Geo-Boy brush cutter extremely stable. This also provides a smoother ride and helps keep the cutter head properly positioned in the most uneven territory for all land clearing and site prep applications. The Low Ground Pressure (LGP) model features a 250-horse power engine, weighs in at 29,000 lbs. with a ground pressure rating at 4.2 psi.

Features & Benefits

Right-of-Way Maintenance

The Geo-Boy provides the power and productivity for maintaining right-of-ways for above ground pipeline, highway, utility power line, communication utilities and more.

Land Clearing & Site Prep

For commercial and residential building applications, the Geo-Boy’s mulching capabilities make it an excellent choice for site prep from small site operations to large land clearing projects.

Wildfire Fighting/Prevention

The Geo-Boy can be used as an effective tool in creating firebreaks to help control the spread of an existing wildfire and to clear undergrowth & brush that fuel wildfires.

Vegetation Management

From beetle-infested trees to invasive plants and shrubs like Salt Cedar and Buckthorn, the Geo-Boy’s all-terrain capability makes it the perfect choice for tackling difficult challenges.

Storm Clean Up

The Geo-Boy Brush Cutter Tractor is a proven, effective tool in storm clean up situations, clearing brush, trees and debris after storms.

Seismic Mapping

The Geo-Boy improves the efficiency of seismic mapping operations for underground gas and oil exploration with a much less intrusive mulching approach.

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