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Address 1444 State Route 42, Mansfield, OH, 44902-7350, US
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Minnich Manufacturing is an industry leader in the production of Dowel Pin Drills, Concrete Paving Vibrators and Vibrator Monitoring Systems. Our Concrete Vibrator line includes such products as Hydraulic Internal Vibrators, Electric Flex Shaft Vibrators, Gasoline Driven Flex Shaft Vibrators, High Cycle Vibrators, High Cycle Generators, Hydraulic External Vibrators, and Internal Pneumatic Vibrators.

Minnich also produces the Auto Vibe vibrator monitoring system. Our Concrete Dowel Pin Drills include Pneumatic Drills, Hydraulic Drills and many Special Application Drills made to your specifications. Product Schools are also offered for all products upon requested.  

Our mission is to produce high quality products that are safe and cost effective; provide optimum service and technical support to the customer; and promote the use of concrete in the construction field.

A1 Drill Unit
A1Q Murder Creek Project
A2C Dust Collection
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Minnich showcases Stinger electric flex shaft concrete vibrator at The ARA Show

Minnich Manufacturing,  a manufacturer of concrete dowel pin drills, concrete vibrators and vibrator monitoring systems, showcased the Stinger electric flex shaft vibrator at The ARA Show in Anaheim, California. The Stinger — is a lightweight, durable and versatile vibration solution. "The Stinger is an ideal unit to meet a variety of concrete vibration needs," said Rob Minnich, president/chief marketing officer (CMO) for Minnich Manufacturing. "We're excited to showcase this solution to the rental industry in our return to The ARA Show."

Durable, versatile concrete vibrator

Minnich Manufacturing will introduce the new Stinger electric flex shaft concrete vibrator — a lightweight, durable and versatile solution - at World of Concrete. The Stinger is a 15-amp (115-volt) universal motor that drives a full line of Minnich shafts and heads and comes standard with a quick disconnect that adapts to the vibrators of many manufacturers. The Stinger offers a more compatible speed range for today's placement challenges. The Minnich vibrator system design runs at a lower amp range and the durable frame extends vibrator life. The lightweight motor and frame-handle positions offer many ergonomic user features.

Machine-Mounted Drills for Road Repair

Primarily used for full-depth repair or patchwork, Minnich offers machine mounted dowel pin drills for excavators, backhoes and skid steers. They are available in both hydraulic and pneumatic options and are ideal for horizontal patchwork jobs with a relatively long distance between the areas to be drilled. Apart from increased portability, the dowel pin drills are also a safe alternative for operators, eliminating fatigue by utilizing the carrier to transport the drill.


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