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Minnich Manufacturing - AUTO VIBE II Concrete Vibrators

Ensure the best paving product at the touch of a button using Minnich Auto Vibe II, the top vibrator monitoring technology available. With the Auto Vibe III system, operators can not only access valuable real-time hydraulic vibrator data, they can also control and program vibrator speeds from the monitor. Auto Vibe III monitors up to 62 hydraulic vibrators during the paving process, recording and displaying live data that can be used to ensure proper vibrator operation. The AutoVibe II system can be installed on any new or existing hydraulic vibrator system.

Features & Benefits

Graphical interface

Real time readout

VPM readout of up to 62 vibrators

Alarm range settings to maintain proper operation

Display centrifugal force

Input slump and air entrainment for data log

Company Info

1444 State Route 42
Mansfield, OH
US, 44902-7350


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