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About Raimondi:

Raimondi Cranes, founded and established in 1863, is one of Italy's most celebrated home-grown manufacturing success stories and continues to service the heavy lifting machinery segment globally

Raimondi Cranes (Raimondi), founded and established in 1863, is one of Italy's most celebrated home-grown manufacturing success stories and continues to service the heavy lifting machinery segment globally. Raimondi today is equipped with latest production technologies and holds a leading position in the global crane manufacturing industry. The ranges of cranes manufactured by Raimondi are designed to meet the changing needs of the global market. Raimondi has adopted investing in technology as its core value in order to produce and supply products with superior quality and performance levels for their loyal customers. In order to achieve that, Raimondi's engineers and R&D segment are constantly seeking new ways to improve the product line-up.

Raimondi's objective has always been to keep the optimum balance between various quality aspects such as products lifecycle, performance, productivity, reliability, easier access for servicing, lower maintenance intervals etc., together with its competitive sales pricing strategy. Ranges of models produced by Raimondi, its global presence, long years of experience, unrelenting search for excellence in the areas of quality and performance, has resulted in the sales of more than 16,000 Raimondi cranes all over the world.

In 1863, Raimondi's Founder, Rodolfo Raimondi, saw an opportunity to produce the first transmission equipment used in a cotton mill in Legnano, a city where the company's headquarters are still based. In the following century, particularly after the WWII, Raimondi devoted itself to helping rebuild Italy through the manufacture of construction equipment from concrete mixers to tower cranes. Since 1946, Raimondi has focused on the production of tower cranes, which has taken to the company to export markets around the world.

Presently, Raimondi is pushing aggressively into new markets, away from its traditionally European base, with strong sales Europe, the Middle East and Australia, and plans to build new manufacturing facilities.

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Raimondi releases heavyweight luffing tower crane

Raimondi Cranes has unveiled the latest heavyweight addition to its advanced luffing range, the LR372. Equipped with Raimondi's next generation high performance winches, the LR372 is a 370 ton-metre class luffing tower crane with a maximum jib length of 60 metres and a maximum capacity of 20,000 kg in two falls configuration. At the maximum radius, the LR372 can lift 3,795 kg using Ultralift mode, making this Raimondi's most powerful luffing crane to date. 

Raimondi unveils LR273 luffing jib crane

Raimondi Cranes SpA showcased three cranes onsite at Bauma 2019. Two of the cranes were shown alongside the MRT573's slewing unit, cabin mast and counterjib. "We decided the best presentation of the MRT573 was at ground level simply to bring people up close and personal with our newest product," explained Eng. Domenico Ciano, Chief Operations Officer, Raimondi Cranes. 

Canada and U.S. lift industry is picking up

The first Grove TMS9000-2 truck crane to be delivered in Canada has immediately gone to work for its owners at R&D Crane Rental. The lighter, longer and stronger 115 USt unit offers a lighter carrier, a 169-foot main boom and impressive load charts.

Raimondi launches the LR330 luffing jib crane with transformative heavy lifting technology

Raimondi Cranes SpA, has announced a transformative approach to heavy lifting technology, the luffing jib LR330. Showcased to Raimondi's exclusive agent network ahead of wider release, the LR330 luffing jib crane will officially begin shipping in March to fulfill agent presell orders, and is now available for wider purchasing.

Raimondi MRT234 flattop tower crane features innovative design

The Raimondi MRT234 is the newest flattop tower crane in the range with a maximum length jib of 70m and a maximum capacity of 12,000kg, with four falls configuration. At the maximum radius, it can lift 2250kg in Ultralift mode. Eight different jib length configurations, from 70m to 28m, satisfy all needs in terms of specific jobsite configurations. The MRT234 may be equipped with two different hoisting winches: standard installed power of 45kW or the more powerful 55kW.