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Raimondi Cranes - LRH174 Luffing-Jib Tower Cranes

The LRH174 is the first Raimondi hydraulic luffer from the new luffing jib crane range.

The Raimondi LRH174, a 10 tonne hydraulic luffer, has a tip load of 2,225 kg in Ultra-lift mode with two falls.. The tip load is 2,225 kg in Ultra-lift mode with two falls. The crane can also be utilized in one fall, which allows for a maximum capacity of 5 tonnes and a tip load of 2,476 kg.


Key Specifications
Main Bearing Level with Max Jib - EN14439.C25 26.2 m (86.0 ft)
Max Lifting Capacity 10 t (11 USt)
Height Of Tower 35.7 m
Max Radius 50 m (164.0 ft)
Lifting Capacity At Max Radius 2.25 t (2.5 USt)

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