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Elgin Sweeper

Address 1300 West Bartlett Road, Elgin, IL, 60120-7529, US
Email [email protected]
Website elginsweeper.com
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Elgin Sweeper and RoadBotics offer sweepers equipped with AI-based pavement assessment technology to Florida municipalities

Elgin Sweeper Company has partnered with RoadBotics, Inc., one of the country's leading road assessment companies, to offer Florida's 400-plus municipalities the ability to collect road condition data during sweeping operations, exclusively using Elgin Sweeper street sweepers. The partnership aims to help local government officials managing road maintenance budgets - while facing mounting pressure from citizens to address potholes and other poor road conditions - to make data-driven road improvement decisions.

Single-engine configuration introduced on street sweeper

Elgin Sweeper has introduced an innovative single-engine configuration of its popular Crosswind regenerative air sweeper used for cleaning large, paved areas such as streets, parking lots and airport runways. A variable-speed device installed between the chassis engine and transmission on the new configuration allows the engine to simultaneously power both the truck and the sweeper.

Sweepers meet air quality test protocol

Canada’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program has verified the data from air quality performance tests conducted by the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) on two Elgin Sweeper models – a Crosswind NX regenerative air street sweeper and a mechanical Waterless Eagle FW mechanical street sweeper. The ETV verification also confirms that PAMI’s tests followed the City of Toronto “PM10 and PM2.5 Street Sweeper Ef-ficiency Test Protocol, Version 1,” issued in 2008 – also known as the Toronto Sweeper Testing Protocol.

New sweeper chassis

Elgin Sweeper has announced it is making its sweepers available on the Nissan Diesel UD3300 and using more efficient and cleaner engines. The UD3300 chassis is equipped with a 230-hp engine, an Allison RDS transmission and a Meri-tor two-speed axle.

Chevron conveyor belt

Elgin Sweeper has introduced the high-performance Chevron conveyor belt for Elgin Pelican and Eagle broom sweepers. The design on the new conveyor belt provides improved debris pickup, longer wear and quieter operation. Featuring an angled cleat design, the Chevron conveyor belt throws debris into the center of the hopper for better hopper fi ll. Debris on the Chevron conveyor belt naturally moves toward the center, so there is more even distribution of debris in the hopper, allowing the operator to continue to sweep for longer periods of time without stopping to dump debris.

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