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Elgin Sweeper adds all-electric configuration to line of truck-mounted sweepers

A sweeper sweeps dirt off a curb
An Elgin Sweeper Broom Bear all-electric truck-mounted sweeper Elgin Sweeper

Elgin Sweeper has unveiled the Electric Broom Bear truck-mounted sweeper at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. The new configuration of the Broom Bear brings an all-electric chassis to Elgin's line of truck-mounted sweepers.

"Customers won't want to miss the Electric Broom Bear at CONEXPO," says Tim Letts, product manager at Elgin Sweeper. "We're excited to debut it at this iconic show. The Electric Broom Bear accomplishes the same workload and delivers the performance the Broom Bear is popular for."

With electric vehicles becoming a reality to meet zero-emission targets and stricter emissions standards, the Electric Broom Bear creates another opportunity for municipalities and other users to achieve their sweeping and sustainability goals while creating less noise and operating a machine with lowered maintenance costs.

"We've taken today's modern propulsion system and incorporated it with Elgin's 100+ year history of sweeper innovations," continues Letts. "We're using modern technology to meet the modern demands and sustainability goals of our customers." 

In addition to all the benefits of an electric vehicle including noise reduction and lower maintenance costs, the Electric Broom Bear has plenty of energy onboard. Users can sweep and run their regular routes without worrying about getting home. The sweeper has enough energy for a full workload and more so that operators don't have to worry about any delays.

"We've engineered the Electric Broom Bear to meet customer sweeping demands and then some," says Ron Schmidt, vice president of technology development at Elgin Sweeper. "Customers have come to expect a certain level of performance, and with the Electric Broom Bear, they're going to get the Elgin sweeper they've come to know." 

The charging port on the Electric Broom Bear is a standard SAE J1772 CCS, compatible with both level two and level three chargers. Level two AC charging will enable overnight charging while Level 3 DC-DC charging will enable fast charging if needed. 

Developed specifically for vocational use, the electric chassis is from Battle Motors. Despite the additional weight of the all-electric chassis, the payload capacity remains the same as a standard Broom Bear. As with all of its diesel and CNG truck-mounted sweepers, Elgin users will be able to choose an electric chassis from other major chassis OEMs when they meet the performance and aftermarket support needs of users. 

"It's an exciting time for Elgin," says Letts. "The Electric Broom Bear joins the diesel, CNG, and plug-in Hybrid portfolio and we're excited for customers to check it out." 

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