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The Elgin Innovation Team traversed the country, speaking to hundreds of customers at all levels within the street sweeping industry, both municipal and contractor, in pursuit of true voice-of the-customer insights. Months of real-world prototype testing and feedback refined the sweeper design to provide customers with exactly what they want and need, while proving the reliability and durability along the way. The input of service technicians, operators, and street sweeping supervisors shaped every detail of the new RegenXTM mid-dump regenerative air street sweeper from Elgin Sweeper Company, a sweeper that is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain but still delivers the quality and proven technology that is the hallmark of Elgin Sweeper products.


Key Specifications
Horsepower 74 (55 kW) @ 2400 RPM
Torque 224 ft-lbs (304 Nm) @ 1600 RPM
Pickup Head only 90 in (2,286 mm)
Pickup Head & one Side Broom 117 in (2,971 mm
Pickup Head & two Side Brooms 144 in (3,658 mm)

Company Info

1300 West Bartlett Road
Elgin, IL
US, 60120-7529


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