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SKF Canada

Address 40 Executive Court, Toronto, ON, M1S 4N4, CA
Tel: 416.299.1220
Website skf.com
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Luff Industries first OEM in North America to achieve SKF Equipped status

Luff Industries, a Canadian manufacturer of conveyor components, is the first original equipment manufacturer in North America to achieve SKF Equipped status. The SKF Equipped program places strict quality standards on the design, manufacture and assembly of rotating equipment to achieve highest performance.

SKF Expanding Canadian Network of Certified Rebuilders for Electric Motor Repair

Electric motors are among the highest in reliability incident reports. For many companies, electric motor failures lead to a continual cycle of costly repairs and unplanned downtime - factors that can hurt the bottom line. Since 40% to 70% of motor failures are related to bearings, it's no surprise that high-quality bearings are key for reliable motors.

SKF offers new Lincoln continuous hydraulic lubrication pump

SKF today announced the introduction of the Lincoln Model HTL 201US continuous hydraulic lubrication pump. Developed to minimize friction and wear on small and medium series hydraulic hammers from 650 pounds (295 kg), the pump is suitable for additional hydraulic attachments including claws, shears and mini excavators.

SKF offers new automatic lubricant dispenser series

SKF has announced the introduction of the TLMR series of automatic lubricant dispensers for general machinery applications in heavy industries such as mining, oil and gas, and food and beverage. Ideal for difficult-to-reach or hazardous lubrication points, the TLMR lubricators are resistant to water, dust and vibration.

SKF introduces new Lincoln hydraulic PowerMaster motor

SKF today announced the introduction of the Lincoln hydraulic PowerMaster motor for use with Lincoln’s PowerMaster III and PileDriver III pump tubes. Ideal for mining and heavy construction applications, the motor features a rugged design with minimal moving parts for maximum reliability and durability.

SKF adds new Lincoln PowerLuber to grease gun line

SKF has announced the introduction of the Lincoln PowerLuber series 1880 grease gun for multiple lubrication applications. Featuring a redesigned, high-torque powerhead, the two-speed motor delivers grease at up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) in both high- and low-output settings.

SKF offers new Lincoln PMV runaway controller

SKF announced the introduction of the Lincoln PMV runaway controller. Compatible with all Lincoln PMV pumps, the controller shuts off the pump and signals an alarm if the pump exceeds a preset cycle rate.

SKF Extended Life Plain Bearings reduce CO2 emissions and total cost of ownership

SKF has launched a new range of SKF Extended Life spherical plain bearings and rod ends. These bearings, which are aimed primarily at applications in the farm, forestry and construction sectors are virtually maintenance-free, which means that they do not need to be relubricated. This product is a part of the SKF BeyondZero portfolio.

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