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Linden Comansa America

Address 11608 Downs Road,, P.O. Box 1079, Pineville, NC, 28037, US
Telephone 1-704-588-7729
Toll Free 1-800-589-7980
Email [email protected]
Website lindencomansaamerica.com
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COMANSA to show new 21LC1050 at Bauma

Tower crane manufacturer COMANSA will be displaying its latest high capacity crane at Bauma. The 21LC1050 flat-top crane can load up to 50 tonnes (110,230 lb), has a maximum radius of 80 metres (262.4 ft), and was designed to provide great performance in large industrial or infrastructure projects as well as in construction with heavy precast or steel structures, including PPVC.

New COMANSA tower crane able to manage heavy loads

COMANSA has introduced a new model designed to work in projects in which it is necessary to lift heavy loads. The new 21LC1050 is offered with versions of maximum load of 25, 37.5 and 50 tonnes and can be erected with reach of between 30 and 80 metres with configurations every 5 metres. In addition, an optional jib configuration is available allowing a special reach of 85 metres.

Canada and U.S. lift industry is picking up

The first Grove TMS9000-2 truck crane to be delivered in Canada has immediately gone to work for its owners at R&D Crane Rental. The lighter, longer and stronger 115 USt unit offers a lighter carrier, a 169-foot main boom and impressive load charts.

Linden Comansa brings first LCL700 crane in America to Seattle

Model LCL700 is the largest luffing-jib tower crane from manufacturer Linden Comansa. It was launched in April 2017 with two versions of maximum load (50 and 64 tonnes / 110,230 and 141,090 lb) and designed to be used mainly in jobsites with reduced space, like in very large and congested cities. Throughout the last 12 months a few units have been sold in Asia, and the very first unit in America (both North and South) has just been erected in downtown Seattle, Washington.

Linden Comansa earns international award for CUBE cab design

Offices with the best view to the city are highly coveted by the executives of large companies. And if they are located in the higher floors, these work places tend to be more spacious, comfortable and with a spectacular design. In the case of tower crane operators, the great views are not usually a problem, but it really was having a workspace that would perfectly combine comfort, productivity and design... until manufacturer Linden Comansa launched its CUBE cabin at the end of 2017.

Linden Comansa crane integral in Champlain Bridge replacement

Open since 1962, the Champlain Bridge in Montreal is one of the city's main road links and Canada's busiest bridge, with an average of 136,000 crossings per day. Due to the extreme climate conditions in Montreal, as well as the use of road salt on the pavement, the bridge is suffering a progressive deterioration that different maintenance and repair plans have not been able to stop. Thus, the Canadian Government decided to build another bridge as a replacement.

CUBE cab improves crane comfort and productivity

Combining a great look with productivity and comfort in a single product is not normally a simple task, especially when it comes to construction machinery. However, the new CUBE cab in Linden Comansa's tower cranes combines these three qualities, while bearing in mind that the cab is a work space and, as such, productivity should always be the number one requirement.

New crane cab unveiled by Linden Comansa

Tower crane manufacturer Linden Comansa displayed a new cab for its equipment to the public at Vertikal Days, the UK's prime show for cranes and lifting, held at Silverstone May 24-25. 

The company reports it heard a number of good comments from visitors, including:
  • "The squared shape is new and ideal"
  • "It's very spacious and bright"
  • "Uses flat glass, to avoid distortion and be able to easily replace it if necessary"

Linden Comansa’s luffers win the Jackpot in Las Vegas

The most important fairs in each sector tend to be a thermometer of the market situation. The ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas was no exception, and the 2017 edition was a true reflection of the thriving sector of construction machinery in the United States and Canada, including the tower crane market.

Midwest Port Prepares for More Heavy Lifting

The ambitious multibillion-dollar project to widen the Panama Canal is having wide reaching impact on industries tied to the world’s shipping industry and tower cranes are certainly no exception. The expansion will mean that ports need to be able to handle bigger ships, more cargo and faster turnarounds. High capacity tower cranes, like the Linden Comansa 30LC1450 recently erected in Paducah, Kentucky are helping busy ports like the Paducah/McCracken County Riverport Authority (Riverport) deal with today’s vessel traffic and be ready for tomorrow.

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